...haven't done in quite a while, is picking up a kid from the day nursery.

In fact, I remember the last time was when I went to get my sister around the time I was eleven or twelve - and going with a bike because it was about to rain and we wanted to get home fast.

Today though it was time to repeat the experience - with my little cousin. What can I say... it was definitely an experience.

I'm not even going to attempt to try and decide who had it worse - she for having to go home with a person she doesn't like, or for me for having to suffer trough her hissy fit in front of everyone.

Now don't get me wrong, I love her dearly, but I'm hoping she won't do that again. It's one of those special occasions when you have absolutely no idea what to do. You can't talk to her normally and you can't scream at her either. If you would just pick her up and force her to get dressed she would probably scream even louder.

Thankfully she soon realized that we won't be going anywhere until she stopped crying and got dressed. (She's quite intelligent... and if I weren't sure that she was just a kid I would be suspicious that she managed to get me to promise everything in the world just to get her to work together with me)

And now, since yesterday I posted a couple of roller coasters, I thought today would be fun to see a couple of weird theme parks.

First off... Holy Land and Tierra Santa.

Unlike amusement parks these places don't have rides, hidden princesses, magical candies or well... anything fun.
I'm not going to judge... fu*k that, I am judging you idiots!
Who the fu*k came up with the idea of a theme park where the best attraction is to see a fake Jesus crucified two times a day? Or listening to christian karaoke?
Maybe I got the whole religion thingy wrong, but wasn't Jesus the one who freaked out when he saw people selling stuff in a church?
Why would someone think it's cool to sell tickets to a place like this?

Dickens World...

What could I say about this, besides that I would definitely want to go there. The whole park is authentic down to the look and the smell of the Victorian-era London. I guess being robbed by pickpockets and punished by vile schoolteachers does have a little perk in this case. I would probably even go on a ride in the fake London sewage system... oh dear... am I being masochistic?

All right... onward to creepiness...

Bon Bon Land would probably get you a little heart attack when you realized that it
wasn't what the name says. Here's a picture to clue you in...

All right, if you have still no idea what it's about, it's an amusement park about animals pooping. I think I don't really need to say anything about this. Oh... wait... just one more thing. When the local roller coaster is named "Dog Fart Coaster" it's probably not the best idea to scream it out loud.

All right... last but not least, here's the redneck Heaven.

It's called Diggerland, and you can spend your time driving around in all kinds of construction machinery.

Of course you'll have some professional along with you, but the fact is, kids are welcomed in this place too. I'm not sure how many of them would actually want to spend their free time driving things like this, but I'm pretty sure they shouldn't go asking their parents to go if they are working in the construction business....