... am glad for, is that I had classes yesterday.

Why? Well,because it made me come across some things that made my day.

First off I saw a rich snob being stopped by the police. I know she was rich because she had a car I never saw in my life- and its steering wheel was in the wrong place (that is the right side).

Also, this made my day because when she opened the door the inside of that poor car looked like one of those bad American movies... it was so full of junk, I was surprised that the smell of moldy fast food didn't accost us.

Then, as I was walking I spotted a huge sign on a building that said it was for rent. IT wouldn't have been anything special, if I didn't notice that it had the "For Rent" part in three languages, one of them in Hungarian.

And, of course they had it all wrong. I was almost tempted to call the number and tell them Grammar Nazi wants the head of the person who put that sign out.

I was quickly calmed down after my rage though, when at the next few steps I spotted a gypsy wearing clothes so gay, it was almost gayer than Twilight.

Now, I don't have anything with gay people, I just found it funny that a gypsy was dressed like that - cause he looked like one of those Gabor Gypsies - and as a kid (for some reason) I always thought of them as the eastern Mafia.

And honest to God, it wasn't over.

In the next few minutes I passed a bunch of stupid teenager girls- you know the type... the ones that chew bubble gum with open mouth and talk trough their noses. They were squealing over the footwear of one of their flock members. I was curious about what they found so amazing, so I managed to get a glimpse of it.

She was wearing a pair of black rubber boots.

I swear, I couldn't come up with something like this if I tried.

I know I'm like an Elephant and the Ballet when it comes to fashion, but what the fu*k? This is just like that time when people around here were convinced the best thing that happened to fashion was to wear purple and yellow. Eeewwww.