... learnt today is another quick recipe.

You might want me to quit posting new recipes on here, but I find it quite helpful. It's because I'm crappy at finding the same things another time, and even more crappier at memorizing them.

So here it goes...

First off, the ingredients:
400 g pasta
3 db hot dog (I used ham instead of this one)
1 packet of vegetable mix
1 dl oil
1 clotted cream(250ml)
1 egg yolk
salt, pepper
powdered sugar

What you gonna have to do with these things is first to cook the pasta - the trick in this is to cook it together with the veggies.
If you're using hot dogs, just before the veggies and the pasta is ready you will have to pop them into the water too. For those who are using ham instead, just put the meat to the side for now.

Until it gets cold, you gonna have to get the sauce ready.

You'll have to mix the mustard, the cream and the oil. When you get this one ready, add some salt, pepper and a little bit of powdered sugar to it too, then when you mixed these in add the yolk too.

Take the pickles and the onions and cut them up - or if you want them even smaller use a grater. (Personally I prefer cutting cause it'll give me something to chew on :P )

Once you're done with this, add them to the sauce, then mix the sauce with the veggies and the pasta.

(Oh, by the way, for those who want the recipe in Hungarian, message me, and I'll send it to you)

In the end this is what it should look like: