... apologize for is not posting anything yesterday.

We (as in the whole family) worked around the house from 9 in the morning till midnight and we are still not done with everything... I guess this is one of the numerous reasons why I don't like Easter. At all.

And it's not even here! Tomorrow I'm going to have to go to the Church (Mom says it would be nice to go once a year, since we ditch even the X-mas masses these years), and the day after that it's our stupid tradition where every male person who we know will drench us in perfume. (By the end of the day we are usually nauseous from all of it)

But... there is a single good thing about all of this.

We (as in my sister and me) always liked to paint the eggs for Easter - and since we first found some dyes that could be applied to them with our own hands (as in not by boiling the egg in colored water), it's even better.

I guess we will always remain little kids in this - at Easter at least we have a good reason to have colorful skin.

So... without any further ado, here is what we did.

First off... we needed our eggs really hot for the dye to stick.

We used the water from the eggs to also get the dyes ready.

My sis always tries to do it using a plastic glove... but after the first egg she usually gives up on it and just does it without them. (It really is easier, cause the glove tends to stick to the egg)

Here's a green one - I had to do the darker colors and sis did the light ones.

And a yellow one.

Also, a blue one!

And then - since there are only four basic colors in the set we begin to combine them... and this is what we came up with... Purple.

And orange (golden?)... Though we had a bunch of others too (like silver and all kinds of other shades, we didn't take pictures of all of them)

Sis managed to get a couple of pictures glued to some of them.

And in the end, this is how they all turned out.

So... I guess now it's time to wish everyone a Happy Easter... (oh, and as a hint, you can enlarge the pics if u click on them)