... still tend to do in church, is acting like a child.

As I was saying yesterday, today I had to go to church. Sadly, it still has the same effect on me as it had as a teenager.

I'm pretty sure it's because all teenagers have to go to "Sunday school" for two years in our religion and then they have to even pass an "exam" to be a mature member of the society or some such rot. And if it's something teenagers don't like is being forced into going to school on the weekend.

The urge to either fall asleep or concentrating on the priest instead of the people around you, so you won't burst out laughing was still great today.

The sad part is, no matter where you sit in a church there will always be an old person around you who will sing the songs horribly, or throw you disapproving looks (if you're lucky enough to escape the occasional old bit*h who won't stop at looking, but will instead comment on something whenever you try to move in another position).

Also there is this other thing I don't like... the constant sit-down-get-up thingy. You get to sit trough a mass where you have to constantly do that, over and over again. I don't understand why we do that... why can't we either just sit trough the whole thing or stand? Why the constant exercise?

Though I guess considering how cold it was inside, a little bit of it to get our blood running again would be OK (My joke for the day was spent on "It's probably cold cause the holy spirit is between us").

Well, I guess at least I could say that we were fortunate to have at lest my fav priest preaching - though other people tend to not like him because he preaches as if most of the people were kids...(I think this must be the reason I like him. At least he manages a couple of times to get me interested in what he's saying, if for nothing else but for a couple of giggles. Others don't even manage that.)

So... what else could I mention here? The highlight of it all was probably around the end when we were about the last ones to get the bread and the wine (what an amazing wine they always have!)... and as soon as we sang the last note to the national anthem. (Cause you know... that's the cue that we can go).

All in all, it wasn't a too bad experience. Not something I wish to repeat again- not for another year- but a decent one nonetheless.