...finally started to read is The Hunger Games

Apparently I can1t be bothered to read from actual books nowadays... I'm too addicted to my phone and to the internet to give up reading from them. so, when Ágota found the books in .pdf I promptly uploaded it to my phone and started reading.

Now I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of anything that's written in first person but I gave it a shot. It's been half a day and I'm almost half done with the first book. It's a pretty good read till now, I have to admit.

Not earth shattering good, but entertaining nonetheless.

On another side-note I just got the memo that Emő posted her first couple of words on her blog, so you can go check that one out too as soon as you finish reading this (For newcomers it's in the linkbox, called Yellow cricket Harmonies).

And on another note... I just spent the whole day wondering what to write about, but apparently today my muse took a vacation (he/she went on a vacation for this last two weeks actually, so I'm hoping it'll return this weekend). Nothing else interesting came to my mind but to brag about a post on 9gag that currently has over 11000 likes.

Funny thing is, it was kinda a stupid joke, but apparently others like it. I actually found it by going trough stumbleupon, and then re-posted it.

It's also not the first thing I re-post and there were more occasions that one or two of my posts got no likes, and then some other person re-posted the same thing again and made it to the hot page (Fu*k you!). But you know what? This time I made it into the system.

It's not yet on the hot page, but trending is awesome too. And it isn't even about my post actually getting there- it's not like I win anything anyway, but hell if it doesn't make me happy.

I admit (tho I lost my soul a long time ago), I have no life.

And I'm actually proud about it.

Also, you know what? If nothing else, most of my the people around me are dependent of the internet, and I pretty much have topics to talk about with them. these things are actually great conversation starters.

At least there's never that stupid awkward silence. I hate awkward silence. It makes me think that I'm stupid. And I absolutely hate feeling stupid.

(You know... the whole if you don't have a smoking body you must at least have a good personality and/or be highly intelligent. It's our only hope, guys...)