... got texted about a couple of days ago made me think of a new topic for today.

Emő mentioned in a text something about glowing fishes and that made me think about the article i read quite a long while ago.

So I thought it would be interesting to search it up again, and see if there are any similar cases out there.

And no, I'm not talking about popular mutations/hybrids like the liger or lipards (I'm not writing in a foreign language, these are real, existing feline hybrids. There are also a lot of others I won't mention right now, cause... I don't know, just cause).

So let's get going.

First off, let's take the glowing fish I already mentioned (I blew the surprise factor out the window anyway).

There they are. scientists were trying to make fishes that respond to polluted water, and instead they made these. These little fishes absorb the light and then emit it back, and they come in all kinds of cool colors too (Starfire Red, Electric Green, and Sunburst Orange).

Sadly, they are only available in the U.S, because Greenpeace is again "doing its job" (Meh... Greenpeace is retarded anyway).

Here's a cool little video about the fishies.

So, while we are at the topic of fishes, here's another one you might like: the See-Through Goldfish.

They were created in Japan, and they have a see-trough skin that reveals the beating heart, the brain and other organs too. and this is why they created it: so they don't need to cut them open to study them.

They can live up to roughly 20 years and could grow as long as 25 centimeters (10 inches) and weigh more than two kilograms (five pounds). That's some amazing goldfish, right there! The Japan also developed see-trough frogs, that are transparent from the tadpole stage.

Here's a video about the fish:

And the frog:

Let's go further along the animal ladder. Has anyone ever heard of singing mice? No? Well, here's something cool then!

Japan is weird, but I like their weirdness for some strange reason (in this instance). Though the mutation is random, they observed that the ones that sing do try to express themselves with it. For example male mice sing when a female is around, and they sing when they are placed in new environments too.

The researchers also say that they may help us understand the origins of human speech, because the mutated mice seem to be developing different dialects depending on their environment.

I know it made you guys curious, so here's a little video about a tweeting mouse (Probably just the beginning of a new Disney movie).

So what do you guys think? Are they cute? Would you buy them as pets? (Frankly, I think they are annoying after a while).

They are probably less useful as the mice that give you milk (they do exist... just as much as the spidergoats that give you spider milk, and the rabbits that give milk that heals a muscular disorder... fu*k, i read too much Cracked), though cool nonetheless. I wonder how long it would take to teach it to mimic my voice.