...am almost finished with is watching the ancient alien series.

I know it took me too long, but I also continued watching my other series and finished off a new one that had around 60 episodes.

I really don't have a life. I also finished the first book of the Hunger Games and started reading the second one (I loved the game but I find Katniss a little bit of a Mary Sue). But back to the topic at hand.

Yesterday I was watching an episode about Pumapunku and Tiwanaku (Puma Punka), and I found myself thinking about the Tower of Babel for some strange reason.

I don't know why but it struck me that they were just a little bit similar in a few places.

And before I get comments that they can't possibly be the same thing, I'm perfectly aware of it (since... you know... Pumapunku is in America while The Tower of Babel was in the plain of Shinar (somewhere in Mesopotamia).


And there's a huge but(t) here, I thought this could make a cool exercise... that is about setting up a whole new different theory.

You know... to see how easy it is to come up with something new and try to support it (even if it sounds totally idiotic).

And because I'm not a professional historian and I know only about 10% -or even less- of the things I'm going to talk about there will be a bunch of "ifs" and "maybes", and probably a lot of misinterpretation and mistakes (but who cares, when there are actual people worshiping the spaghetti monster, right?).

So. Here we go.

The first thing that made me think about the Tower of Babel was the fact that there are all kinds of faces embedded into to wall of the sunken (semi-subterran actually, but sunken sounds better) temple.

It's said that the walls contain all kinds of people in them - from black to white and everything in-between. Now, if this is true, there is the question: how did the people in that time know of all of the ethnicities and nationalities of the world?

The thing is,(according to the video I watched) the temple they are embedded in is definitely human-made, and it was built as a place where people commemorated the stuff that happened at Puma Punku just a little way down to the site.

So if the bible was right about how "god" scrambled all the languages on the site it kinda made it reasonable to say that those faces are depicting that. And why not? How would you portray different languages? Also there is the genesis 11:9 part where it says: "So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city".

What would that mean? The scattering them abroad part that is. Cause if it's true that (in yesterday's post it was mentioned that according to some studies languages could be altered in different environments) people were scattered all around the world it makes sense that they would soon develop different languages.

Also, there's the fact that Shinar comes from the word Akkadian Sumeru (from the Sumerians' name for Sumer, which meant perhaps "land of the civilized lords" or "native land").

Land of the civilized lords? Really? So does that mean that they should be capable of building huge things, right?

And there's also the fact that they found a bowl that has Sumerian writing on it in the site of puma Punku.

How about the fact that there's also a pyramid in Tiwanaku - and in fact the only pyramid people say the Bible mentioned is the Tower of Babel. (Although I still don't get it why they say the tower was a pyramid- where did they get that info?)

Also, I read that both the Tower of Babel and the tower that the Sumerian legends mention have a temple at their site. AND a lake (which is convenient, cause not too very far you'll find lake Titicaca).

Here's another interesting fact. The remains of Puma Punku look like they were blown up and buried under a lot of mud. The Tower of Babel was just after the great flood, and people built it to wage war with their creator... (I guess they were flicked off like you would flick off an ant from your person... and if there's a nest maybe you would even walk over it...)

And you know what? There's a bunch of other places the legend of the Tower of Babel emerges - even in America!

According to tradition, Noah's Flood was to have taken place approximately 2300 BCE. Puma Punku was built about 1510 ±25 B.P. This means there was enough time for Noah and his gang to do some serious multiplying (Ugh... don't remind me... we're doubly descendants of incest).

And for something to be thought about... this is how the Sumerian Tower of Babel is supposed to look like:

And this is what the whole Tiwanaku site looks like:

So what do you think? Was is easy to convince you?