... found for you guys are a bunch of amazing cottages.

I'm pretty sure you guys all love those old fairy tales (I'm going with the idea that every single one of you readers out there grew up with at least a parent telling you guys about gingerbread houses and hidden cottages in the woods).

So, let's take a look at some beautiful places I would love to spend a couple of days at.

What I like about this one is the roof. I swear it looks even better than the whole nature around the house - I would probably spend more time on that roof than exploring the seemingly deserted place around the cottage.

I'm pretty sure this place is so amazing only because the photographer was amazing, but what can you do? The trees all along the water's edge are really cool, and the house peeking out from between them is also quite romantic. I'm not particularly in love with the color and the fact that it's so huge - but I wouldn't give its keys back if someone threw it at me.

It's starting to get better and better. I think this is one of the first I would actually love for myself, though what I miss from it are the climbing plants. I would definitely plant some of those on the rooftop.

All right, this one is pretty nice too. Just perfect if I would live alone in it, otherwise I guess it wouldn't do as an actual house. If we were camping it would probably do, but I don't think more than two people could survive it for a long time.

When I look at this house it reminds me of Greece - even though I've never been there in my life. It looks a little bit retarded at first glance, but the longer I look at it, the more I like it.

This one makes me think of another house we saw when we went on a holiday to Hajdúszoboszló (Hungary). It's really cute and I would spend almost all of my time either in that little garden either my loft-room. (I call dibs on the one above the entrance door).

If I would imagine that gingerbread house, this would probably be it. Even without the cookies and the sugar this little cottage is so sweet, it almost gave me a toothache. I can't say one single bad thing about it. It's just perfect.

And now, the last - and my absolute favorite:

As I said, I'm a sucker for the climbing plants. This place also reminds me of the good old English movies. I always wanted a house somewhere near a forest and the little river-flow just adds to it. (I guess this would be an awesome place to play some hide and seek, wouldn't it guys? )