...got yesterday afternoon, was an e-mail.

And it got me really, really excited for some strange reason.

The e-mail said Pottermore was finally open for everyone, so I headed off to actually see what it was about.

In the next couple of hours I finished the total length of the first book, and read all the information that Rowling posted about objects, characters, spells and every other thing that was on it.

It was quite an entertaining few hours, let me tell you. A lot of interesting things about how my favorite books came about, lots of side-information I didn't know about. I especially liked the part where I could almost take part of them - the site has cool little questionnaires about things you like and considering them it will give you a wand (mine is Hazel and Unicorn, Ten and Three Quarter inches, Hard) and put you into a school house (I'm in Gryffindor, which is kinda retarded cause I wanted to go to Slytherin. But considering I was afraid, I will be a stupid Hufflepuff is a great step-up) too. You can also brew potions, go shopping and duel with other kids from all around the world.

The potion brewing is kinda hard because you have to take extra-attention to what you do, and I made the mistake of living it brewing for the whole night while it was supposed to only brew for 30 minutes... I think Snape would be disappointed.

The dueling part requires a lot of practice too, so don't think you can win them without first trying to learn what to do.

Anyways, for those who want to befriend me, my name is MistChaser2169 - sadly, the site won't let you give your own name, you have to chose from a given list. But later on, if you have friends you can give them nicknames, so you might be able to actually know who's who.

Anyways, today is again time for some random videos. Here are some cool things I found laying around the internet...

Noah Cover of "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO

This video is absolutely great. I'm sure that everyone who loves the song will like this too. It's really different than what you are used to get from the original - it has a totally different feeling to it (not just tune). It kinda makes the whole song's value skyrocket - from feeling like a cheep and worthless whore you could evolve into a pretty decent call-girl. Go Noah!

Man vs. Canada Goose... with Lightsabers!

So this next video is kinda a tribute to myself as a child. Yes, I've been attacked by all kinds of birds when I was young(er?), be that a goose or a cock (well ha-ha! It's not that funny when you have to run down a street with one attached to your head, screaming for help, and everyone else just looking at you and laughing... okay, maybe it is). I actually have a bunch of those stories - it didn't happen just once, oh no...

Popping Popcorn in super Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys usually have epic videos- truly, check their channel out if you haven't till now. I swear I could watch these things all day. They not only have really high quality stuff there, but their videos do answer some questions we all had about life's normal things in general. Like this video: how does corn pop? Well, I guess this video will shed some light on it.

Chop Chop

So I find this little animation quite funny. Expecting something and getting a totally other thing is what Birdboxstudio is good at. Every one of the cartoons is great, and I absolutely love the style it is drawn in. It reminds me of old animations I used to watch, where things were still hand-printed, for some reason.

Augmented Reality Sandbox with Real-Time Water Flow Simulation

So have you ever enjoyed playing games like Sims and Spore and Minecraft, where you could be the God of Creation? I bet you did! So here is a cool little video of a new 'invention' that according to the description will be used in a bunch of science museums (oh how I wish we had one of those here). The whole idea, I think, is original and really useful for those young minds who would like to experience first-hand how natural formations could come to be.

The Agricultural Revolution: Crash Course World History #1

After the science lesson, here are some history lessons! If you ever had some trouble with learning what was when and why, I think you'll find this video useful - and please don't stop at watching only part 1. The guy who narrates the whole thing makes it kinda interesting, which is way better than what most of your history teachers ever did (not including my history teachers, cause they were all pretty good at what they did, even if they were weird and just a little bit insane in real life).

Space Shuttle Launch

If you have never seen a shuttle launch till now this is where you should start. I think you will be amazed. Also, to have the best possible effect, you will need to play the video loudly (and maybe sit on your speakers to feel some good ol' vibrations). I think this is as far as most of us will ever get to a launch anyways.

Disney Pixar One Man Band

You remember how I said yesterday that Pixar was probably the best in making animations nowadays? I don't suppose too many of you guys ever watched some short ones made by them... so, here's one of my favorites. And if you have the time go on to YouTube and check out some others from them too. You won't regret it!

African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes.

This video is both amazingly funny and sad. Though you must realize that some part of it is true. Now I'm not usually a huge fan of these kinds of videos - especially when they are made to promote something (because most of them are horrible cliches), but this one worked for me. I guess adding some Hollywood jokes to your stuff will make you popular.

Clothing Of The Future - Clothing in The Year 2000

This video is one of the most hilarious things I saw today. And the best part in it is that I'm not sure if someone is trolling us or is this for real (so I'm going with the trolling, cause it sounds better). Anyways, just check it out, and let me know what you think the fashion of the future will be!