... hate is not getting credit for something.

I know, it's nothing that hasn't happened to everyone at least once in their life, but I really really hate it.

Especially when you know that YOU were the first one finding/doing/making something and when you did everyone just scoffed at you... but then five minutes later the same thing gets popular and YOU are not the one being credited for it.

Well... you know what? Fuck you, guys! Fuck you!

Anyways, today is the day Diablo III comes out so I'll prolly be playing every free minute I got. I'll try not to neglect the blog, but I won't promise anything.

OK... here's another thing I (for some reason) only noticed today. I was looking at some news on Google and as I was browsing the "themes", here's what I found: it has topics like 'Top stories', 'News near you', 'Business', 'Elections','Technology', 'Entertainment', 'Sports','Science', 'Health', 'Spotlight', 'World', and - of course U.S.

I mean what the hell? Do they consider the U.S out of another world perhaps? Are they so good they need their own freaking planet now?

And that's about it for today because now I'm angry with the world and I'm not in the mood to post anything nice. Consider it a punishment.