... realized today, is that I hate 99% of the people around me.

It's nothing personal, actually, I hate them as a whole - because they are mostly so freakishly selfish and generally insupportable, I wish I could just move out somewhere in the middle of a forest and be rid of them.

And here is what I mostly hate about them...

First, 80% of the people who I have to join the ranks with in commuting are assholes. Not only because they always stand exactly at the doors of the buses, so you can't go either way, but because they push and push until the only thing you want to do is to punch them in the freaking face.

I hate the damn people who see that there are so many idiots standing around in that stupid vehicle, you don't even have space to fart, but they yell at you anyways to move so they can fit in there too. Not only are they rude, and unpleasant, they also push you around until the other people around you start yelling at you. Because you are pushing them further in. And it's not like you can do anything about it - you are getting pushed and harassed also, but it's you who get the brunt of it, because you are too nice to just kneel them in the stomach.

The second thing I hate about people is a little bit closer to me - what I mean by this is, that in the next couple of lines I'm going to talk about "friends" and relatives. In general, not to point out names, cause I like my hide as it is. I hate those who only ever talk to me when they freaking need something from me. I have a whole bunch of these people - they never say anything to you, but then they call you, or PM you, and the conversation mostly goes like this...

Asshole: "Hey how are you? So I have a favor to ask you."
Me: "What is it?"

And that's it. The crucial thing is that they are not interested in whatever you have to say. It's clear they only add that first part of the sentence to seem like a good friend or something. I swear, I would actually love it better if they didn't even freaking salute you. Just come out with it. I already fucking know you want something from me, cause you never- ever talk to me otherwise. The only thing even more annoying than this is when people try to wave it off.

They hum and murmur and come with the oh so familiar "oh I just thought that..." and the other one "never mind, I don't even know why I asked it's just...". Dude. I KNOW you want something. Just freaking spit it out, cause I don't have the whole fucking day to listen to you. You already know I'll do it anyways, otherwise you wouldn't have come to me.

All right, on to another type of people. The "I'm too good of a parent to hit my child". First off I'm not saying that it's OK to beat up anyone - but you can't do anything without a good old smack on the butt now or then. Those kids are usually just so damn INSANE, I have a hard time not punching them myself. You made a kid? Take fucking care of it. And don't you look at me like I'm the crazy fuck. When a kid screams non stop without a reason and goes around annoying people even after they are told not to do it, the least you can do is to punish it. I did my fair share of crazy stuff as a kid but whenever I did something stupid I was usually punished. And most of our generations were also. We all turned out to be decent people. So. If you can't control your kid don't look at me if I scream at him. You know I'll do it (Mom knows too).


People who can't fucking stop talking about themselves. I am used as a freaking emotional garbage bin quite a lot. Probably because I'm too shy to just tell people to go fuck themselves. I don't mind it now or then, but sometimes they just complain about so many idiotic stuff, I wish I could just wrap a pillow around their mouth. What's worse than that is that even when you try to stir the conversation towards something better they will always, and I mean ALWAYS get back to "I did this" and "I said that" and "OMG, I can't chose between red or blue material for my dress". Bitch, I don't care. I have my problems and you don't see me talking about them every single waking hour.

So yeah... I guess that's about it for today. I know I seem like a hypocritical bitch now - so I guess this would be the time to apologize to everyone if I ever did any of these things. But this time I actually don't want to do that. I actually hope I managed to annoy people back just as much as they annoyed me today.