... have been watching nowadays, is Road to Avonlea.

For those who don't know what it is, it's an old TV show made from 1990 to 1996 about a family living just before the first world war.

It was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid, and now I took the occasion to watch it from start to bottom. It is really strange how many of those episodes I don't actually remember, and how some of those episodes grew and reshaped themselves in my mind.

It's really different watching it now, seeing it with 'adult' eyes. I guess some things just make sense more, and there are also some jokes I don't think I ever got when I was a kid.

Anyways, I thought I should make a comparison of what people looked like back then and how they are now, so I went and looked up the actors from it. Here they are.

First off, Zachary Bennett - my favorite kid from the show. He played Felix King, the second sibling out of four. Strange thing is, I just realized that I've seen him in other movies too - without actually knowing it was him. Well, it's not too surprising, though, seeing how much he changed. He went from this little guy:

To this:

Mag Ruffman, who back then played - in my opinion- the most beautiful and kind person in the whole series changed quite a lot too. She also had a few other shows and movies she played in since then, but not too many- and none I've actually watched. It's a shame, really, cause I adored her character. She went from this:

To this:

All right, the next one is a lady too... Gema Zamprogna, as in Felicity King. I bet everyone who watched the show remembers her. She is the oldest one of the siblings, the one who always thought that she knew everything, so full of herself, so annoying, you wanted to punch her in the face almost every other episode. She was a pretty good actor - and as IMDB informs me, she's also a great dancer too. Here she is then:

And now:

Sarah Polley is also an actress I saw in other movies - I considered Splice a pretty good movie, considering everything. She's the little girl you might know as Sara Stanley from the series - "the story girl' if you ever read the books. I liked her as a child, she was amusing and pretty cute, but I have to admit she isn't the most beautiful or perfect actress right now. Which makes her all the more likeable. Here's how she was back then:

And how she is right now:

Michael Mahonen is one of the actors who in my opinion hasn't changed at all. He was the guy who played Felicity's live interest - Gus Pike. Gus' character always reminded me of Dickens heroes - young vagabonds who eventually grow into respectable men. He was actually in the series only about a third of the episodes, but his character is mostly well liked by everyone.

I would have added to this Cecily's character too, only the actress who actually played her as a kid was replaced as soon as the girl's part in the story started to get interesting. A shame, really, because she was a sweet, innocent child and she played young Cecily as she was supposed to be. Sadly, that was her only acting part too, so I can't actually show you guys what she looks like.

So all in all, what do you think? And those who watched the series- who was your favorite character?