... spent almost all my day on now, is watching Family Guy.

It's kinda sad, really. I've been trying to find something to write about all day, but for some reason nothing interesting enough happened.

You know... besides Twitter getting me crazy with all the freakin' notifications. (Remind me again why I made a Twitter account). I guess I do have a little bit of an OCD - I can't stand having stupid numbers showing up on my tabs.

In fact I had to turn off the notifications on my Facebook account, because the new 'close friends' thingy is just another feature that I'm sure will drive people crazy. (Thank God I don't get e-mails for every single post someone put out there... which brings me to another issue... so what the fuck, 9gag?)

Also, here's what Twitter is good for - getting me angry at the general populace of this stupid ass country.

There are to many racist assholes around here. Fuck you!

Oh my god, they get me so freaking angry I want to punch in a wall.

Fuck, I think this is one of THOSE days... I want some chocolate, dammit.

Anyway, here are a couple of interesting fact you might like. Or not. Whatever.

1. You're more likely to die on your way to buy a lottery ticket than you are to actually win the lottery.
2. If you touch your tongue while yawning, it can stop the yawn.
3. Jellyfish evaporate in the sun. They're 98% water.
4. Those stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes are called phosphenes.
5. In Japan they have square watermelons.

6. The Bible is the number one most shoplifted book of all time.
7. McDonald's SALADS are more fattening than their burgers.
8. Having blue eyes is actually a mutation. Before the mutation occurred, all humans had brown eyes.
9. If you take your age and multiply it by 7, then multiply it by 1,443 the product repeats your age 3 times.
10. In 1518 there was a DANCING PLAGUE in Strasbourg, France. 400 people danced uncontrollably for A MONTH, dozens of lives were lost and NO ONE KNOWS WHY.
11. In Detroit, in 1937, a baby fell from the 4th floor of a building, falling on a man who was passing below. One year later exactly the same thing happened - another baby, another 4th floor window, same man.
12. Not making your bed is actually better than making it. When you make your bed, it makes a more safer environment for the dust mites living inside you bed. An unmade bed's warm, dry conditions are harder for the dust mites to handle. Leaving your bed unmade cuts down on the amount of moisture in your bed, so the mites dehydrate and die. This is good because dust mites leave allergens in your bed that trigger asthma and other allergies.
13. You can change your language on Facebook to "Pirate." This includes calling friends "Mateys", the word "Cap'n" appears before everyone's name, pictures are called portraits, commenting is called "scrawling a mark", and instead of liking something you just say "Arr!". You have to go into "Account" and then "Languages" and find "English (Pirate)".
14. There are 84 people in the USA named "Lol".
15. When you snap your fingers, the sound is created from your middle finger hitting your palm - not your thumb rubbing against your index finger.