... am a little bit anxious about is this weekend.

Tomorrow I'm going to 'Roşia Montana' with my group from Uni. We'll be gone for a whole day, and because I am now expecting a call for a little job, I'm actually a bit nervous that they will leave the whole thing for tomorrow and I won't be able to go sign the papers.

You see, they already called me once and told me that they will keep in touch with me, because I have to bring in the signed papers to the place I will work at on the 2nd.

The thing is, on the 2nd I have two family obligations too. I will have to juggle them accordingly - because I already promised that I will go to both of them (Two young fellas from our family are graduating from high-school).

Thankfully mom and sis both applied for the same job, and all three of us got in, so when they will call we will have to go together.

I'm still hoping that they will call me today, so tomorrow wouldn't be ruined (I was actually looking forward to visiting the place until I heard we will have to wear reflective vests, helmets and boots. I don't have any of those at home and I'm pretty sure what they will have there won't be big enough for me), but if they won't mom and sis will have to sign the papers instead of me (unless they will be willing to wait for me in the evening).

All right, so before I start with today's list I have to tell you guys what I found today when I looked at my YouTube account.

Peter Hollens did another video - a video I wanted so freaking bad, I could have almost begged for. Since Lindsey Stirling made that Skyrim song with him I listened the crap out of it. Once I even tried searching for the lyrics for it, but sadly no one posted it anywhere. And now Peter did it. He made a video with lyrics.

Of course I have no idea what it is about - I don't even know if this is an actual language used in the game thus meaning something, or just nonsense words put together (I never played Skyrim, cause I hated Oblivion), but by gods, I love it.

I might even learn the words, just for fun (I learn nonsense words pretty fast - look at how many of them I know from ERA).

Anyway, here's the video. Enjoy!

I might even try out the game in the future, if I'm really bored- that is, after I finish up this absolutely insane and bat-shit crazy video game I just started yesterday, by the name Alice: Madness Returns (This game makes more sense to me, than the original Alice in Wonderland). You can check out the trailer to it, though I have to warn you guys: if you hate Tim Burton stories, this will be something you will have to skip (cause I swear, it's like a movie he would make. That man is also crazy, and I love him all the more for it).

All tight, so let's get down to business. I haven't done a 'nature' post for a while now, so I though it was due time.

I looked over my list of things to write about and I found this cool little post about some beautiful oases (I had to actually look up the plural form to oasis), so I thought I should share it with you guys.

First off Ubari Oasis (Libya).

This Oasis is in the Targa Valley, between the Messak Sattafat plateau and Idhan Ubari sand dunes and lakes. The water here is salty, and quite dirty too, so drinking and bathing in it should sadly be out of the question. On the edges of the lake merchants sell lots of souvenirs and other goods though, so it's not a bad place to find when you are wondering the desert.

2. Huacachina (Peru)

Huacachina is a small oasis town in the Ica region of southwest Peru. A legend says the lagoon was created when an inquisitive young hunter disturbed a beautiful princess bathing. She fled, leaving the pool of water behind which became the lagoon. Today Huacachina is resort where families withdraw from the city of Ica, and tourists attracted by a new sport, sandboarding on huge sand dunes surrounding the oasis, come quite often.

3. Chebika Oasis (Tunisia)

The beautiful oasis of Chebika in Tunisia is probably one that most people know about without realizing it. It is where Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was filmed. The story goes that the oasis was actually named after one of the characters, Chewbacca. Most of the year the oasis is so exposed to the sun that it once was known as Qasr el-Shams, Castle of the Sun.

4. Herðubreiðarlindir (Iceland)

This oasis is on the Highlands of Iceland in the midst of the desert of Ódáðahraun, which is a huge lava field. The place has famous hiking and camping places, but it is also pretty well known because of the outcasts who lived here (They had been excluded from Icelandic society because of crimes they had committed).

5. Oasis Ein Gedi (Israel)

En Gedi is the largest oasis on the west coast of the Dead Sea. The area was allotted to the tribe of Judah and was very famous during the reign of Solomon. The place has an amazing Botanical Garden too, so if by chance you ever visit it, don't forget to check it out!