... have to tell you guys, is that I had an awesome day.

I'm almost ready to kick the bucket mind you, but it was cool nevertheless.

I'm sitting here sipping cold milk out of the bottle(?), and trying to eat black bread with butter and honey while I'm writing this, and listening to the cats outside my window as they fuck. It's all in all an enjoyable night: I can barely move, and I'm having trouble imagining how I will be able to go to two graduations tomorrow.

Nevertheless I drank a huge glass of wine - you know... to celebrate my name-day - and now I'm also trying to hide from mom the fact that I have huge honey stains on my brand new pajamas.

Anyways, I thought I should show you a couple of pics I took on the field trip. And maybe even add a couple of explanations, so you won't have a day when you didn't learn anything new.

But before we embark on the trip I have to warn you guys- my pics aren't exactly good. I took them all with my phone on a day that we didn't see the sun almost at all - and in dark places. Like... really dark.

I'll also try not to add pics with too many people in it (I don't want to get sued or something). BUT! I'll have a bunch of pics on Facebook - as usual - so feel free to check it out.

I think that would be it, so now I can actually start with the story.

First off we had a long trip till we got there. The bus wasn't in the best of shapes - but it wasn't a total wreck either, so I can't really complain -, and the roads were shaky at best. We could barely wait to get there (personally, I just wanted to wear the helmet and the reflective vest... I also needed to use the bathroom, but that's not exactly the material I want the world to see).

When we got there we had to get trough a long winded conversation where the professor and some other people told the whole history of the place - it did have a couple of interesting things for me to think about, but I won't bore you guys with it. I think you can look up those things on the internet any time, so there's no need for me to make a speech.

Then we got our equipment and headed out to the quarry.

Here's a couple of houses I took a picture of, just as we got on the road. (Don't worry, there actually aren't so many broken down houses there as you might think. It wasn't that bad at all as you see in those wretched commercials)

This next one will be from a little bit higher - I tried to get a pic of the whole valley, but since I usually can't see my phone screen in broad daylight I didn't see what I took a pic of till now. It's so crappy, it looks like I took a couple of paint brushes and painted the thing myself (I really, really need a better camera). Oh well.

This next one I think I took only as an excuse to stay behind and rest for a minute. By that time I think I could barely breath. But it was only the start, so what the hell... Life goes forward and so did I.

That water isn't even that ugly... just see what I have in store for you guys later on!

All right. So the next one I took on the top - it's a quarry we didn't visit, but managed to see from afar.

These next pics depict the whole place as it is right now. Ugly and bare, and sirty and toxic. A shame, really.

Anyways, after they filled our heads with important stuff we went back down to the bus. There was more delight coming up... we went to visit the original mines from the Roman times.

Sadly I won't be able to show you too many pics from this experience, but I have to tell you guys, it was epic.

First off we had to go down in a mineshaft that was about ten floors down. The stairs were wet and slippery, and it was so cold as you entered, it was as if summer turned winter suddenly.

The place had a couple of lamps, but because there were so many people in front of me I could barely see anything. The only reassurance was the balustrade on my left side.

I could clutch at it at my heart's content, the only catch in it was that because it was so cold and wet it felt as if I was grabbing snow for the whole long downward journey.

The ceiling was barely high enough at this point for me to walk normally, and it got even worse.

Well, the conditions did. I actually enjoyed the whole freaking thing a lot.

(On a side note... I enjoyed it so much, I jokingly started singing the dwarf's song from Snow White. Apparently not a good idea, when there is a little person in front of you.)

So we went down, and as we got to the bottom the fun didn't stop. The ceiling got lower until we had to walk like we had humps, and the ground got even more wet and muddy.

We went into a little cavern and our guide told us a couple of cool legends and myths, and we managed to put a few (very little, mind you) dents in our helmets because of the many times our heads bumped into the ceiling.

The ceiling was also dripping wet. Here's a pic, though I'm not sure how well you can see it.

And then it was time to come back. I almost wished we didn't have to, because I knew what was waiting for me - a huge climb up on the stairs.

Dear god, it was a torture, I have to tell you this.

I had to stop about 5 times till I managed to hurl my ass up - but thankfully this time I didn't fall behind. Too much.

(I can't imagine those people having to hurl up rocks on that climb non stop.)

The surprise came then...

As we got to the entrance it turned out it was raining outside, and oh my god, I think it was a miracle.

I swear, that rain felt like it was holy water or something after the cold of the mine, and the fact that I was sweating like a pig.

I can't even begin to describe it to you guys. It was almost like breaking a barrier, like stepping into a whole new world.

I bet that if we would've stood outside we would have been freezing in the rain, but this way it was almost welcome.

Then the rain stopped, just as the last person got outside of the mine, and we could go check out some of the machines they used for mining gold and silver in the old days. Take a look at some of the pics:

Oh, before I forget... This next one is supposed to be gold mined from the place. The shards are so tiny you could barely see them.

And this is the entrance of the mine (It's locked and can be accessed only with the guidance of the people from there).

After visiting the museum at that place we went to grab a bite, then we visited another museum. This second one was pretty interesting - though not too big. It had a couple of old stuff from the old times, like old mining clothes and equipment, and other old stuff they found around the place.

I also found this:

It had some kind of Latin inscription on it, and though I'm not exactly sure what it is, it reminded me of the old tombstones we saw around the place. It's definitely something from the Roman times.

Anyway, I named the thing my first alien discovery.

(Though I had quite a couple of awesome moments the whole day, spotting this thing was probably the top 1).

And we are almost done. I still didn't show you guys that picture of the really badly contaminated water, so here it is.

We stopped on our way back at a wastewater treatment plant, and looked at how they clean the water.

I have to admit, that by this point we all were so tired, the whole thing seemed like a bunch of nonsense and we could barely wait to get back on the bus and go home.

Anyway, it's almost midnight now. I think I'll post my pics on FB and go to sleep - tomorrow will be another tiring day. One that will require me to be social. A real hard thing to do, believe me.