...wanted to show you guys are some great adverts.

Now that I'm done with all the ESC posts I realized that there are a bunch of other things that can make some people come together. (Yes, ESC was originally made so the European countries could have a peaceful night of entertainment after the wars)

Anyways, yesterday I spent a little time with trying to find really entertaining ways to do just that - and I came up with the commercial thingy.

Sadly, there aren't too many of these out there - which in my opinion makes them so much better, you know, like a rare gem.

The best company to do this is of course T-mobile. There are a couple of others that are interesting too, of course, but T-mobile's advertisement team should be given an award in my opinion. They always manage to make something great, but before I start with their commercials here are the few others I could find. (Also, if you know any more commercials of this kind feel free to share!)

First off, the Sprite Shower.

The Coca-Cola Friendship machine:



And of course Carlton Draught:

And that's pretty much it. So now we're down to the T-mobile ones. Let's go!

First the -probably- most well known one. I guess this is the place where all the flash-mobs started out (nowadays flash mobs are really popular and mostly poorly done, so they don't shine as much as the old ones did).

And then there is of course the Angry Birds one, which I guess was even better for those who participated. (I actually watched a short video of how they made the whole thing possible and it was a pretty big workload. Also, the guys who came up with it were pretty young too - so I'm guessing they must be really good at their work. I'm hoping they got a huge promotion for this, cause it was a brilliant idea.

Also, for those who are curious about the "behind the scenes" here it is:

Next one is the famous sing-along, where Pink surprised the crowd by joining in the fun. Now the commercial that was released has the song 'Hey Jude' in it, but as far as I could see the event had a lot more than this single one. This is the actual commercial:

And these next ones will be a couple of other clips that weren't part of it:

Anyway, there a whole bunch of more of these if you want to check them out, just go up to YouTube and search for "lifesforsharing". The next one is again about singing- but this time a pretty different one.

What do you think, how much does the UK rock? Before I go though, here are a couple of more funny commercials they came up with... you know, just for entertaining purpose:

And finally:

Oh dear, what would the world be without the English humor?