...am going to share today is a couple of stuff we did with my friends.

I'm not exactly sure that I mentioned this, but today we spent one more day with Emőke and Ágota.

It'll probably be the last time for this to happen since Emő is moving to England in three weeks, so I guess this was a little bit of a special day.

We had a pretty good time with just hanging around, talking and drinking and cooking and eating and even playing and watching a movie (Sanctuary).

But what I have to share with you guys is the stuff we cooked. You know, because I have pics that can go along with it.

First off we started off with making a fast salad. This one is pretty easy to make, you just have to chop up some onions, ham and whatever vegetables you want. We used corn today, but remember that you can put whatever you like in it (peas, Mexican mix, pickles, whatever).

Then you will have to make some mayonnaise (I expect you already know how to do that) and of course cook the pasta.

And then you just mix it together. You'll get something like this. And if you do, you can of course add some spices to it too (salt, vegetable mix, pepper) and you are done!

Now, on to the next one!

If you remember one of my older posts, you will know we made a pretty neat little dessert already with my friends.

Now I won't bore you guys with the whole recipe again (which you will be able to find here), but I will add a couple of comments because we did some things differently this time.

There is another blog post you might already know. Emő came up with the idea of instead of using cocoa, we should try some food coloring. (Her post is here - and I swear I didn't steal anything :P)

Now, when the recipe comes to the part where it says you have to add cocoa you should instead use a little bit of that color and mix it with water and then into your brownie mix. We used green and red today cause Emő managed to save some of those colors and she was gracious enough to share it with us.

And this is how they looked like when they were done:

You will have to put them in the oven carefully, so the colors don't mix together too much.

And when it's done you will of course proceed with the traditional recipe of baking the egg white cream on top of it for a few minutes.

And you'll get something like this at the end:

Trust me - you won't stick with it for too long, it'll be gone in an instant!