...am pretty sure about is that today will be the day we surpass last month's views!

I've been checking and checking for quite some time now and today we got to the point where it stands on only a couple of more clicks (9 to be precise).

I was actually doubtful at the start of the month that we will surpass last month's views even with the fact that I missed out a couple of days. I don't know why, it just seemed a little impossible to have more than that.

Now, though, there are 3 more days and I'm already there. Which gives me something to think about, because that might mean that we did better than last month, but it also means we have to do even better than this next month.

And we are fast approaching our first birthday too. (All right, so I don't really know why I switched to writing in third person)

In these last 9 months you guys managed to get me 10x more views than with what I started out, which is pretty good, actually.

So keep up the good work of sharing the blog with your friends, and I'll keep trying to post about interesting stuff.

Anyways, I have one more thing to brag about for today, and then we can get down to business.

You know our little budgie, right? (We finally came to call him Csövi from the Hungarian word 'csöves' which practically means either a homeless guy or it's a slang for hipsters. He loves hipster music...)

So we had a pretty interesting week with him, (It's been 10 days since he's been living with us) with trying to make him get used to his new place.

And I have to tell you guys that he is a pretty intelligent bird too. Just yesterday he already stood on my hand - tho I have to admit he only did that so he could get to his favorite treats, but still.

He is of course still not tame, but we will get there too. I think that having this much progress in only 10 days is pretty neat. (And it kinda makes me want to train bigger birds like falcons and owls too, even tho I was never really a bird kind of person)

So... now that we are at the topic of birds, I though I could make a little post about them.

Here area a couple of them I didn't even knew they existed until today.

First off, it's the Six Plumed Bird of Paradise.

As far as I could see there are a whole bunch of different kind of birds of paradise, and they all look amazing. They are mostly really colorful (the males), and have cool little mating dances. In fact, I even think that some of those traditional dances you can see in the TV from the remote places of Earth came from these animals. Try writing 'bird of paradise' into YouTube and see what you came by. I think they are pretty neat.

Here's a short little snippet of what you will find.

All right, the next ones are the Blue Footed Boobies. Even their name sounds hilarious, but I find they really really cute. Kinda in a way you look upon ducklings... Check this short little video out:

I swear it makes me want to hug the shit outta them.

And you know what else I find a cute bird? The pygmy owl.

I generally like owls - especially the little ones, they are soooo freaking cute I just want to eat 'em all up. And the pygmy owl is probably the smallest owl species in the world (along with the elf owl). You can check one out here:

Also, here's another video about a baby owl :)

All right, I have another interesting thing to show you guys. It's the Red-capped Manakin I'm talking about. This particular bird is really-really fast in whatever he does and people needed a high speed camera just to be able to learn more about it. Here it is what they found out:

It's pretty neat, isn't it?