...did today was to go to the Cinema.

Ágota and I wanted to watch Dark Shadows since it came out, and we finally had enough free time to go check it out.

It was actually a big surprise that they were still playing it, cause that movie came out a looong time ago.

Now, I don't know what were Ágota's reasons for watching it, but I can tell you guys mine. I love Johnny Depp, I love Helena Bonham Carter and I also like Tim Burton movies.

And I absolutely don't know why I enjoy Burton movies so much. They are pretty much the same - with pasty, weird and grotesque characters, with crazy movie plots that usually don't make ANY sense, and with the same actors over and over again. But what the hell? He is a weird guy, and I usually like weird things.

And let me tell you, this movie was absolutely weird.

Also, there is the fact that I usually look with suspicion at every movie that has vampires in it (I usually hate vampire stories, and not only because of Twilight - Twilight just made it even worse). In fact I can only look at movies with vampires as if they were parodies, even when they weren't meant like that. Probably because of the whole Transylvania- vampire line.

Anyways, this movie will require a lot of patience if you want to watch it. After I watched the trailer to it I expected to have at least a couple of laughs at the expanse of the characters, but the whole movie warranted barely a few chuckles.

The characters were pretty plain and flat - I felt like I don't really care for any of them, probably because they mostly lacked a good background story (I haven't watched the old series on which this movie was based).

The story line was pretty typical and totally Hollywood, and the ending was too farfetched and over-done for my taste.

But for a few harmlessly fun hours the movie was actually pretty good.

I loved the costumes, the set design and even the special effects were pretty decent.

The acting in it was a so-so. Depp tried to give his best, and if they would have focused more on the side characters I think I would have loved the slutty teenage girl's character too. Maybe even the goofy old Willie too.

The music was also pretty good, and tho I found it funny that they included Alice Cooper in this, his role was pretty much a WTF moment.

On the whole the movie reminded me of a whole bunch of different things.

First off Barnabas' character made me think about that creepy vampire Nosferatu (1922). I don't know why, maybe it was just his absolutely crazy look that did this. He also had a few moments when he was wearing a hat and some shades - in those moment I actually thought that he would have made an awesome Michael Jackson from the time when he still had a nose.

Just look at him:

Also, Willie would have been a lot better if they would have made it after Renfield from Dracula: Dead and Loving It (Which I still think is the best freaking vampire movie of all times. I know, I'm weird).

Sooo, guys. If for nothing else you all should go and watch it so you could poke fun at another Burton movie. I'll give this a 6 out of 10.