... am happy to tell you guys, is that I'm back in the game.

And now I can't choose of what I should do. I still have a bunch of movies and games lying around on my computer that need to be played, and than there is the fact that I'm also really, really tired.

I have no idea why - tho yesterday was a pretty long and tiresome day with all the fun we had - I did sleep for about 8 or 9 hours tonight.

But anyways, since it's summer - and every kid and probably even the students are already free to do whatever they want, I thought I will show you guys a bunch of amazing landscapes.

I know that I made a bunch of posts about beautiful places from all around the world already, but the world is pretty big and full with amazing wonders.

So let's go!

I always wanted to see a geyser, and I guess this one is actually worth visiting Nevada for.

The Fly Geyser is actually not well known, even for the people who live in Nevada. It's a pretty recent geyser - it was created in 1916 when someone wanted to dig a well. Sadly, the place is on a private property, so people are not allowed to visit it too often. Those amazing colors you see in the picture is because of the sulfur dioxide in the water.

The next one is located in China, and two parts of the forest are part of UNESCO. And when I say forest, I mean it in a very loose sense of the word.

Yeah, it got its name because all that limestone looks like a forest was turned to rock. I kinda like the thought of that, because it reminds me of magical stories, of dungeons and dragons, and of a world where magic is real.

All right, so if we came to the topic of totally out-of-this-world places, here's another one for you guys.

That ice you can see on the picture is actually a lake. On Antarctica. Under the few meters deep ice there are supposedly a bunch of new life forms that scientists still study. The whole valley is apparently the best place on Earth to study Mars. The place doesn't have too much snow, and except of a few little patches it's mostly devoid of ice too. Now, tell me, guys, how many of you knew there is such a place on Antarctica?

And on to another place.

A place, I'm pretty sure you all already know, but I include it here nonetheless, because it's pretty amazing.

Salar de Uyuni is in Bolivia, and it's the world's largest mirror. Well, actually, it's a salt flat - it has about 10 billion tons of salt. But it's not only the biggest salt desert, it's also the biggest lithium reserve on Earth. The area around the desert has active volcanoes, tall cacti islands and geyser flats too, so I guess it should be considered one of those places everyone should check out at least once in a lifetime.

The next stop is Dallol Volcano, which is the hottest inhabited place on Earth. It's average temperature is about 46 degrees Celsius, and not only this, it's also in one of the lowest possible place - 48meters below sea level. (It is actually the planet's lowest land volcano)

The bizarre landscape with hues of red, green, yellow and white consists of salt ponds, hot mineral springs and geysers. The diverse colors come from potassium salts colored by sulfur and various chlorides & oxides.

Sooo... which one of these 5 would you like to visit?