... have to tell you guys, is this cool thing that happened to me today.

I had a really crappy morning today and the thing got worse and worse with every minute.

I had to get up early in the morning to call my "boss" so we could establish a meeting time and place for me to sign a contract.

This wasn't really a problem - I was actually waiting for her to call all day yesterday but it seemed she forgot so I just had to improvise.

The meeting place was -of course- at the City Hall at noon.

Now, I have to tell you guys that I have never been inside the City Hall in my life, so it wasn't a surprise that I had no idea where I had to go.

I spent at least twenty minutes just walking around the place - my boss gave me the number of the door and told me that it was on the second floor, but no matter where I was looking I couldn't see a building that had more than one floors.

I gave up after a time and asked what appeared to be a worker there. He told me that I had to go round the whole block, then find the back of the building and I could go in there.

Well, I did that and managed to also find the stairs to the second floor - where I spotted a paper on the door she indicated that said they moved to another place.

So, of course I went searching for the other office. Thankfully it was on the same floor, but just as I entered it I realized that I forgot the name of the person I had to talk to.

Somehow I managed to stutter something - believe me, it's a little bit of a struggle when you have to explain what you are after in a foreign language, especially when you have problems with that language.

Anyways, the people in there were quite patient with me and told me that I had to go back to the first office.

By this time, I was a little bit miffed at the system - I tried calling the lady when I got there, but for some strange reason she didn't pick up the phone.

Anyways, I managed to find the office I had to go to, and the people in there told me that I should wait till the woman showed up, which thankfully wasn't too long.

And all this for a simple signature on a little piece of paper.

Well, after I was done with that and told that we shall meet again Saturday morning I decided that I will go to the shop where mom works, since it wasn't too far.

I had to go to uni at 15:45, so I thought that I might as well wait out the remaining time there. I was also expecting to be able to get online from there, but apparently my bad luck still wanted to play.

As soon as I got there I realized that the monitor of the computer I was supposed to get online from was broken down.

So I had to make due with reading stuff from my mobile phone - thank God for that.

And then the weather decided to change too.

The storm that started just when I was about to go to uni was, I think, just to spite me.

It was raining so badly that my sister had to fight a war with our toilet, and the sewerage covers came undone in some places.

And me, the stupid bint that I am, forgot to bring an umbrella.

Thankfully it quieted down just enough for me to be able to run - not walk- to the bus station, where I had to wait in the rain for another ten minutes till the bus showed up.

And show up it did, again with so many people I barely managed to get up on it.

And all of this again for a stupid little signature and a couple of x-es on what kind of optional classes I want to take next year.

Well, after that I was just happy to be able to go home.

And this is where it became a decent day.

First off, I walked to the bus station with one of my colleagues, than I was "escorted" on half the way towards home by Ágota's brother, which was good, cause I wasn't bored till then.

After he got off the bus I continued on, with headphones of course. (I have the habit of listening to music while walking alone, because it will keep most people from asking me for directions and/or being stopped by others who just want to sell something)

So as I was listening to some epic songs with my epic headphones (thx mom!) I realized that we got to the station I had to get off at.

By this time the rain started off again - not quite as badly as before, but bad enough for me to be drenched in a couple of minutes.

And then a complete stranger slowed down in front of me.

I was a little bit annoyed at first, because I was sure that she will try asking me for some kind of directions, but I plastered a welcoming look on my face and took out my headphones.

And oh, how wrong I was.

She stopped, because she had an umbrella and she actually offered for me to walk with her.

A total stranger, a foreign student who was was in a hurry to go to classes - as she said.

She asked me a couple of irrelevant questions, ones I was barely able to answer because of how surprised I was.

I mean, how many of you guys were stopped in a rain by someone with an umbrella and been escorted to almost half your way home?

And even after that she was the one who was apologetic, because she couldn't accompany me all the way home - as I said, she was going in a completely different direction, and she had classes to be at.

So there it is.

Faith in humanity - restored.

I guess not everything is lost.