...shared with you guys last week is a huge list of shows.

Now that I finished watching Touch too (sadly, the season is over), I only have a couple of still running shows.

So I looked at my feed and saw that there are two documentaries that show up as if they had new episodes - the site has this glitch sometimes that when you check in a show you want to watch, it shows up as if they just added something new. I have currently 26 of those right at this moment, so I always try to work them off.

Anyways, one of those documentaries had only two episodes that I could find, but they are amazing episodes.

I'm talking about 'Super Smart Animals'. (I just looked it up, and apparently I couldn't have found any new episodes, because there aren't any. Hurray!)

Anyways, out of the first episode I loved every single animal, but my favorite was that little parrot you can see in the picture. Griffin can communicate with human language and can answer questions, that a pre-school child couldn't. He can differentiate colors, sounds, materials and shapes - and he also understands words like "different" and "same"

Anyway, I have to tell you guys that I love BBC Documentaries, and this one is just as awesome as any other in my opinion.

So when you have a couple of hours on your hand be sure to watch it - and be prepared to be amazed.

Now, on to the second one.

"Trough the Wormhole"

This turned out to be an amazing choice. And I'm not even saying that, because it's Morgan Freeman narrating it - though that, on itself would be a reason enough to watch it already.

I love shows like this, because even though you might not get any huge scientific answers, but they bring forth new ideas, and they always managed to fill in some kind of hole in your knowledge that you knew it was missing.

I love it, because it doesn't use words I can't understand - everything is explained in a way that every single person can relate to.

I love it, because it has a lot of stuff I already knew, but it also adds to it a couple of new things I didn't.

Just as much as that other show I enjoyed watching- Ancient Aliens - it will bring you a lot of awe at the world around us, and after every single episode you'll have even more questions you started out with.

There's another reason you should watch this show - it doesn't take sides, it presents everything from more than one point of view.

So there you have it, two of the best documentaries I ever saw.

And if Morgan Freeman would narrate this, he would sure add: *Or is it?*