... learnt yesterday was a new theory.

A couple of posts back I told you guys that I was watching "through the wormhole", a pretty interesting documentary about how our universe works.

Now, as I said in that post, I love this documentary because it shows all kinds of theories about a theme, without it taking real sides. And now you'll see why this is important.

When I first spotted the title of the episode I was a little bit confused. It asked a question - a question that (at least for me) had an obvious answer.

The question was: Does Time Really Exist?

I guess you guys are all raising an eyebrow at this, just as I was back then.

I mean... it is obvious that the answer is yes, right? I could say that everything around us is based on time. General physics are based on time, biology is based on time, chemistry is based on time... Are there really people out there who believe that time doesn't exist?

Or is this just a trick question?

Apparently there really are people who believe that time is an illusion. Scientists, who actually try to prove that their theory is valid.

And to tell you the truth - seeing as how I'm not really familiar with the whole mathematical part of the things- they had some pretty decent arguments.

Right now I'm actually confused of what I should believe. The "time doesn't exist" theory seems a bit farfetched and, to tell you the truth, stupid when I just say it like that.

But the scientists DID bring up interesting observations, and I'm not too sure if it's just the part of my brain that loves conspiracy theories that is shouting at me to believe in it, or is it really true?

Am I just a gullible person? (Yes, actually, but whenever a farfetched theory I believe in comes up, that I know most people think is stupid I will instantly deny believing in it, so I guess that means I am ashamed of believing in something that's considered idiotic by the general populace)

Anyways... the whole episode is worth watching, if for nothing else, just to learn about some new theories (I'm hoping this wasn't new only for me).

Sadly, I can't give you only a couple of minutes worth of videos out of the whole episode because that would probably just confuse you further.

It's kinds hard to even make up a definition for it - go ahead and try... besides saying "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff" that is.

Oh by the way... all you Doctor Who fans out there. Try watching the show! It's amazing, I'm telling you! (And let me know how many references you get - I even kinda spotted the Tardis' sound in the background a couple of times. I hope it wasn't just my imagination.)