...thought we should do today is to take a look at some cool stuff.

I've been mostly wasting my day with randomly clicking on YouTube videos, hoping that I will be able to come up with something interesting to write about.

(You know, because cooking, watching movies, trolling around on different internet sites and playing with the parrot wasn't too entertaining)

Just... don't ask me how I got to different stops.

Okay, first off, here's a cool place in Brussels (that's in Belgium in case you are American). I don't know about you guys, but I would find it awesome to be able to try this out. I actually have trouble with swimming under water - I guess fat does float on water - but I have the advantage of at least not being afraid of it (khmdadkhm).

I have no idea what it would actually be like to have a whole diving gear strapped to you, but I wouldn't mind learning more about it. I mean how different is it? How hard is it to breath trough those tubes? Or how hard is it to be able to swim with the stuff on your back and the other rubber thingy on your legs?

All right this next one gave me just a little bit of fright. For some reason (and I don't really know when or why) I developed just a little bit of fear of heights. Not enough for me to cry for mommy whenever I get myself into a 'situation', but enough for me to want to grab onto something when I have to look down over an abyss.
It is still an awesome place to check out if you can, though. I would definitely stop there for a couple of minutes, after all why would I miss such a sight? (I still resent that time when we went on that field trip to Rosia Montana and we didn't stop for a few minutes to take a couple of pics on the road)

So if you wanted to see something unique and you happen to be on a trip trough Berlin, I guess you might want to check this next one out. It's the World's biggest aquarium, with a lift going up and down inside of it. Oh I remember how it was that time when we visited the museum at the Danube Delta and we could crawl inside one of the aquariums and have the fishes swim around us. It was amazing, even though I'm not the biggest fan of fishes. It is almost unnatural - as if you're in some kind of other world.

Maybe you have kids and you don't know where you should bring them this summer - or you probably wish you had a childhood as good as the kids in the next video. Either way, I'm pretty sure most of you will want to visit this place. (Apparently today most of my videos have a common theme: water) Hell, even I want to go there. Just look at all those happy little fuckers... (and the few dare-devil adults too!).

And because I love the way these videos come one after the other, here's another one that will prove that I'm both a daredevil and a liar. When I said that the other aquarium is the largest in the world, apparently I made a mistake. This one is actually bigger, and it also has whale sharks and manta rays in it. The only thing I hope is that those glass (?) walls stay where they are.