... finally finished today is my last project.

And since I spent my whole day trying to find information and pictures about it (mostly without success), I thought I will entertain you guys with the things I found.

So, as I said yesterday, I have to write about an ecological restoration project. And because I had a stroll last weekend near a local park, I chose that one as my topic.

And by 'that' I mean the Railway Park from our city.

Here's what it looks like from the sky:

You see the whole place was a mess for a pretty long time. In a big mess, at that - one where you could find dead bodies of homeless people lying around.

But the place was pretty neat when it still worked. It had a little train puffing around the perimeter, it had a playground, it had a stage for shows, it had gardens and fishponds, and sports fields, and even a petting zoo.

It was probably a little heaven for kids, especially since all around the park you could only find concrete buildings.

The sad thing is that I don't really have too many pictures of it. And the internet isn't faring better with it either.

I did find a few though, so here they are:

This is the main road in it.Well, actually what it remains of it. That thing at the end of it you can see is a little basin. I have absolutely no idea what it was used for - the only thing I can remember of it is that it was usually out of water, but full with garbage. They probably cleaned it out by now (the park is a private property now), but I couldn't say... I'm not allowed in there anymore.

Yeah, as I said they probably cleaned it out. More or less. I also asked my parents meanwhile what was it used for. The funny thing is that nether of them know. We all guessed it was probably a fishpond, but none of us actually knows. Which is pretty weird, if you ask me.

And this is a little train that apparently used to work. I'm not exactly sure that this one was the exact one - I can't seem to remember any of them besides a black steam train stationed and ruined in one side of the park.

Pretty plain, and boring, but at least it's not full with garbage. The park had these little side-ways that had a few benches. I remember that as a kid it was pretty hard to find free benches because of all the families who went out for a walk or a picnic.

This is the stage I was talking about earlier. Or what remains of it. As a kid whenever we came to this park we used to bring along a ball and just kick it around in this place. It was pretty fun, because the stage had amazing acoustics and it made it sound like someone was shooting a gun. I guess when they built it, they knew what they were doing. Now I just have to imagine what kind of concerts they held out there.

And this is the old train station. The station where you only needed to wait for about ten minutes till the next ride came along. Which around here is a miracle. That little building in the background was probably where you could buy the tickets, though I'm not really sure anymore.

And here is the ticket:

Also, here's a pic of someone I don't know, but I find it entertaining that there is Hungarian writing on it (it says 'on the snail'), and I also love that I found a pic of that playground. I loved that playground when I was a kid - it was the place where I learned how to hang upside down on a jungle gym. It also had a pretty high chute on which I managed to scrape my ass a couple of time, because it was made of a material that heated up like the middle of hell on a summer day.

And this is the last picture - of the really, really old petting zoo. (I don't really think you could pet the doe, but there were freaking DOE there. And believe me, that it was pretty rare to see doe around here)