...still have to do, is write an essay.

As such, I have been surfing the internet in search of some possible inspiration.

Which, I have to tell you guys is not easy with so many distractions (I managed to stick some shiny little thingies on my already drawn-on monitor, and I'm also a little bit occupied with looking at our new budgie, which still doesn't have an official name. Here, look at his pic)

Anyways, as I was chatting with Ágota about our project (we have to write about restoring a sit ecologically), she told me about something she found while she was also hunting for a topic.

So what I'm talking about here, is the Eden Project. Just... just take a look at this short video, and I think you will understand what the hype is about.

So, if you missed it, the world's biggest biomes are in Cornwall, in the place an old quarry used to be.

And now I have another reason to visit the UK.

Here's another little video you might find entertaining:

And for those curious people out there, here is their site.