...got asked in the past is howcome I can cry when a random story has a moving scene.

Well, I guess the answer is that people are different. Mom, for example cries every freaking time when something a little more emotional happens than the absolute normal.

Thankfully, I didn't inherit that trait.

In fact, I think I could count on my fingers how many times I cried - and even in those instances I somehow manage to hold it in, and the most I do is shed a couple of tears (and that's the epitome of me bawling like a child. Yes, I use the term crying quite loosely).

I can't remember every crying hysterically at something (though I can't remember a lot of things from when I was a kid, so maybe mom knows better) - besides that time when I was reading the last Harry Potter book under the cover of the blankets at the middle of night, and trying not to make a sound as to not wake anyone...I nearly choked on snot that time.

But anyways...

As far as I'm concerned, the best movies, stories, songs etc. are those that manage to at least get a lump in my throat. And those moments are really rare.

So I thought I will list those moments for you guys today.

I'll start off with the one I mentioned already - because that's probably the most obvious one.

The last book of the Harry Potter series is one that I actually hate with a passion (and you know that there is just a little line between love and hate). It's probably because it is too ridiculous - I had the feeling throughout it, that Rowling got sucked into all that Hollywood shining and she wrote the last book as if she was writing it FOR the movie's sake. But i still have to admit the fact that she did a pretty good job anyways.

As you all know, Snape was always my favorite character, so it's not really a surprise that the last book managed to get me in that state. Also, I have to point out the fact that almost none of the movies managed that (all right, I admit I might have cried a little, but just because I have witnesses), so If you want to have a really good moment you will have to read the books.

Though for those people who didn't grow up with them, I guess the books will be just a bunch of books.

The second moving scene I have in mind is a little bit different. I haven't read the LOTR series yet but of course I saw the movies a few times. The ending scene where Aragorn (Oh how I loved Aragorn) bows to the hobbits (how I hated them) still manages to choke me up a little bit even after all this time (Always!). I also have to admit that the scene just before that, the one with Aragorn and Arwen didn't have the same effect on me.

Apparently for me it's the self-sacrificing, that does it.

Oh, before I forget it, here's the scene:

The third one is accompanied by some sad news too. I still know people (even in my family, the traitors!), who never watched The Lion King.
I'm also pretty sure that it's not really a surprise to see this on the list. It is probably one of the most emotional scenes from the history of Disney movies.
The sad part is, that even after this scene I loved Scar. I don't really know why, but I really did.

And since we're at death scenes... This next one will be obvious for only the ones who ever read Hungarian books.
The one I'm talking about is of course the Boys from Paul Street - or as the original goes: A Pál utcai fiúk.
The whole book is actually quite short - I finished it all in just a couple of hours. I have to tell you, though, it's one of those stories that you won't ever be able to forget. The death of the main character actually took me by surprise, because back when I read it almost every story ended with a happy-end. I absolutely loved him - he was such a heroic little thing, one I always wanted to be like.
The whole thing was made into a movie too, so if you want to check it out here it is (though as I said, you would be better off if you read the book):

The next one is of course Dead Poets' Society. If you ever saw a really good movie, this one would be it. I don't know how they did it, but the whole movie is full with amazing scenes - and if you are a really emotional person and haven't seen this yet, be prepared to bawl like a baby. I absolutely love the fact that they didn't even need to use huge words to be able to describe anything. It's actually quite simple, and I guess what's what it makes it so wonderful.

Now I usually hate movies about stupid gangs and their awful life, but this one is actually amazing. It's about a grumpy old prejudiced Korean War veteran, who's only prize possession is his Gran Torino. The whole movie is an amazing journey about how people will teach each other, and how they will learn from each other. It's about how people change, and ow sometimes help comes from the most unexpected places.
I guess this movie is one of the best example to bring up whenever someone asks me why do I usually like the miserable characters. It's because there are some times, when those are the only ones that will do something amazing.

The man in the iron mask is the only movie I like that has Leonardo Di Caprio in it. And I don't like it because of him either. I love it because of the musketeers (I always loved the story of the musketeers - be it the original movie or the books...). Lots of people say that this movie is a piece of crap, but not to me. I always tear up a little but at the scene where the musketeers run towards the bullets, and towards death. As I said, these epic moments of unlikely heroes and self-sacrificing scenes will be always the ones that will make me love a story.