...got today, is a redneck sunburn.

Sadly I'm really prone to getting redneck sunburns, so this doesn't really surprise me.

I guess since that day in my childhood when I had a really weird reaction to the combination of sunburns and grass I absolutely hate tanning. I've never got a tan from a machine either (Yuck...), and I usually try to avoid the sun wherever possible.

And even though I always protect my skin in some way, I think there is no summer when I don't have a ridiculous sunburn that I will have to cover till it fades.

Sometimes I had the luck of buying some really bad sun protection creme that made me have lots of lines and spots, because my skin didn't absorb it uniformly. Other times I managed to get only one of my sides burnt like a lobster. And than there was that time when I managed to fall asleep with sunglasses.

I guess I don't have to explain what happened.

So yeah, I still consider summer sunshine a dick. (I swear, if I could get away with wearing long sleeves all summer long without getting a stroke, I would do it.)

Anyways. Today I realized that I have never done a post about cars. Now, before someone asks me something technical - or even the name of some cars - I will have to tell you guys that I'm absolutely 100% woman in this topic (I mean, the women in those sexist jokes, not actual women, so sorry for all you bitches out there).

I'm going to show you guys a couple of my favorite vintage cars today, because these last days one of my friends and I talked a lot about old cars (again, emphasis on woman. I wouldn't know the steering wheel from a cardboard box if I ever sat in the driver's seat).

I remember those really rare times when some vintage car rolls by my in the city with fondness. I don't know why but they always bring a smile to my face (Especially the more ridiculous ones).

So here are a couple of them...

Ford Model T
Now, you will not get any information about its engine or anything else technical about cars in here, I'm going to just tell you guys what I think about them. I actually saw these cars in a lot of movies that have their plot around the world wars. The car in the pic is a model from 1915 - I actually Google it that way so I don't make a mistake. Check it out:

I also included a short little video I found about it. I think those guys are way cooler than the average kids nowadays. I bet it would feel awesome to roll around in a car like that (I would even try to learn driving to be able to drive one of these).

So out of my top 3 this was the last one. I'm going trough it in a reverse mode, just because I can. :P

And the second place goes to...

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
Apparently this car was a truly epic ride back in those old days. It was given the name 'ghost' because they say it is really-really quiet. It was as far as I know the first car that managed to go for 15000 miles (24100 km) without it breaking down. It was also marketed as the best car in the world for 50 years.

If you want to take a ride in a 1913 ghost, put on your old-school aviator goggles and turn on the fans near your computer. Then you can click on the play button.

And now, for the winner!

Auburn Boattail Speedster
Oh my god, I love this one. And not just because of its color. Well, all right, maybe a little. This car happens to be from 1932, but I have to tell you guys I love all Auburn cars. Sadly, the company closed its doors in 1937, so no more cool car designs since then. (Oh how I wish we could see modern cars with the Auburn twist to it)

Here's a little video of a red one rolling around the countryside:

Also, for those who want to know more about the history of Auburn, here's the place you should go.

So what do you think? Do I have high standards or what?