...am sure you noticed is that any adults around you will hate it when you don't do anything.

Even when there's nothing to actually do around the house, there is a high chance that at least one of your family members will get into a hissy fit if you sit down in front of your computer and start up a game or just randomly surf the internet.

So, you're a hard working person who just came home from work and the only thing you want to do is to sit down in front of the TV and drink a cold beer. But no, it's not possible. Your partner will surely sneer at you as soon as you reach for the remote and then proceed to slam the dishes around while she/he washes them. What a shame too, cause you can't hear that fucker blow the head off of that ugly ass alien.

Or you might be a student who comes home from classes and the only thing you wish to do is to sit down in front of the computer and blow the head off of those ugly ass aliens. No sir, your parents and/or your girlfriend will surely sneer at you because you didn't fucking have the time to clean the house, cook or anything else. You are a waste of space and time, aren't you?

Oh, life's little disappointments...

I hope you did realize that after all this time if you just look a little bit occupied with 'more important' things no one will even look at you with displeasure.

So I made up something for you guys to fill up those annoying little hours when nothing pleases your family.

1. No one will look down on you if you spend a few hours on your looks. Just sit down in front of the TV or turn on the radio and grab a bunch of nail polishes and whatever you might find around your side of the bathroom. If you time it right you will be able to finally watch that whole movie while you paint your nails and 'oh dear, this smudged up a little bit, let me start again'...

2. 'Oh dear, I have to finish this for the boss' is probably enough explanation when it comes to the lack of dinner. Meanwhile you can always search the internet for some new clothes. Or nail polish...

3. Watch a movie. Pretend you are doing research.

4. Grab a book and retreat to the bathroom. You can get away with about half an hour-an hour at a time. Pretend that you are dressing up/putting on makeup.

Kids/young adults:
1. Tell everyone how much homework that stupid teacher gave you. Spend the next few hours surfing the internet 'in search of good information for the paper'.

2. Refuse to do any tasks because you have to 'read this damn book till tomorrow, cause the teacher forgot to tell us to start it in time'.

3. Tell everyone that you had a bunch of exams these last few days and you are exhausted. Go take a nap.

4. Create an illusion of being really busy. Fill up your desk (if not the whole bedroom) with open books and papers thrown all around.

5. Visit your friends saying that you have some projects to do together.

6. Watch a movie. Pretend you are doing research.

1. You have a car? Grab a beer and pretend that you have to work on it. For some extra time grab a few Z's under it, pretending that something is wrong with it. Hey, at least it's a shady place!

2. You have any handy hobbies... maybe in you shed? Go out there and from time to time hammer together a couple of stuff, so it won't be suspicious that there aren't any sounds coming out of there.

3. Sit around your workplace - whatever space that is. Even your computer. Ignore everyone around you. It will make you look like you are focusing hard on a task (and probably infuriate people around you even more)