...have to admit, it really is nice to meet up with old friends.

As you already know I'm not really a people person. I did have a bunch of friends in high school but since then we kinda all went to our separate ways.

Today, though was a pretty nice day when one of my best friends in school visited us and we managed to spend a couple of hours talking about our lives. (Not that there was too much to tell from my part, but it was nice to hear that some people are having it pretty good)

And to celebrate this and the fact that my cousins manages to pass their exams, today I shall present you guys with the best freaking jobs from around the world.

Number one... Luxury bed tester.

Yeah, you read that right. Some people out there are getting about £1,000 to sleep in the most luxurious beds ever. And that paycheck isn't for a month either. Every single day they will get this amount of money (now for those who have attended math class... you can all help your friends out with the yearly income of that). The most important thing they have to do - you know, besides all that sleeping (it IS a really stressful job, after all)- is to write about that in a blog. I still wonder how that blog goes though... "today I slept in a bed that cost half a city in Afrika... MEH"

Number two... Resort water-slide tester.

Yeah, this is another pretty demanding job out there. I bet the guy who landed it had to get at least three doctorates for it. Now the thing you have to do if you manage to land this particular job is to travel around the world, visit resorts and slide down a huge number of water slides, taking into account how much water it is on it, how fast it goes, how safe it is, and I don't know... probably rate how many jealous friends you have.

Number 3...World of Warcraft Tester

So if you are a nerd this is probably your dream job (well, if you like WOW - which I don't so you don't need to be afraid of me getting your job). Blizzard usually has a whole bunch of positions, and they really prefer foreigners too. I have no idea why, but if you know at least one foreign language you already start off with a big advantage. You might also have to play the game for at least four hours a day, but I'm pretty sure no one will mind that. Especially not, when you can make it to level 80 in two weeks or farm 200 gold an hour.

Number 4...Professional prostitute tester

I kinda find this one disgusting, but for some it might be the best thing to ever happen in their life. I actually have no idea how much this thing pays, but I'm pretty sure all you guys out there would do it even for free. What you will need to do is to bang about five or six women a day - who passed a bunch of tests before you already (like psychological, physical, a bunch of interviews and photo session). If you land this job you will have to take it seriously... you will even need to take notes and make recommendations. So sorry, but I guess all you virgins out there should go back to that WOW job.

And the last one for today... Wine tester and blogger

All right, so I have no idea why I picked this one out of professional Candy taster, Paradise Island caretaker, Condom tester, or a Director of Fun. Probably my latent alcoholic side - or the fact that I just came home from drinking a pretty damn decent wine. Whatever it is, I could kinda see myself doing this - I can (I think) write a blog and update my statuses already and I do love to casually sip on wine. Not sure how much that would help, but I think I could tolerate a few months, or even years of schooling in how different wines should taste. Besides... look at that guy in the picture. He looks like is enjoying himself a little too much, doesn't he?