...have to tell you guys about is a new show I'm watching.

And yes, it is a documentary.

This particular TV series was made by BBC (oh how much of a surprise is it?), and it's freaking amazing. I'm talking about Life (made in 2009), a documentary I should have watched a long, long time ago.

It has 10 episodes, every single one of them of about an hour long, but what an hour!

It talks about amazing animals, it has amazing graphics, and an even more amazing narrator.

David Attenborough is, in my opinion, one of the best freaking narrators in the world. He not only has an amazing voice (I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would love the hear some e-book narrated by him), he also manages to make the whole series even more interesting than it already is.

(All right, so the US Broadcast was narrated by Oprah, so what?)

I'm telling you guys, though, words can't describe how awesome this whole thing is. I watched a couple of documentaries about animals in my life, but I have to tell you all, not many managed to make me cringe and/or make me call out an awfully girlish awwwwwwww at particular parts of it.

I don't know how they managed to get such amazing footage, but I'm telling you, even if you can't watch this in HD, it will be worth it. I swear to you, those freaking animals in it have an actual soul.

They managed to somehow get them on tape as if they were really really good actors.

Even the vicious hunters out there had something about them - whenever I looked at their face I was all like... "Oh damn, that guy has some amazing intelligence".

It's also probably the amazing choice of background music that makes it all work.

It will get you in such a mood, you will probably love every single moment of it - yes, even those disgusting moments you usually want to avoid seeing.

Now, I'm pretty sure we all had one or two movies that made us really emotional, and we loved every single character they showed us, even the usual villains.

This documentary is pretty much like that.

I loved how they present a whole bunch of different animals in that short of time. Different animals from different parts of the world, all managing to survive in their own bizarre ways. Every single little story is interesting and cut just short enough to be really interesting and not become boring.

It has a lot of heart-wrenching scenes where you just want to reach in there and help one or two guys out (the only thing I find a little bit cruel is that the people who catch these things on film never help they pray. I know, it is necessary for the production, for studies and for the survival of other animals, but it still makes me sad whenever I see one or other struggling animal being torn apart alive).

So, guys.

If you ever want to watch something that will fill your heart and soul and give you hope for the future, if you want to learn a whole new bunch of things, or you just want to see something really beautiful and special, you must, must, must watch this.

And then you can come back and tell me how much fun you had with it.

(I still can't believe that it's over. I think I will definitely watch this a couple more time)