...am really, really, really happy about is that this blog is starting to grow a LOT!

I mean, not only the number of views this last week, but with all the comments and reactions I'm starting to get (The first one of anything will always make my stomach fill up with butterflies).

Anyways, I got a comment on the most viewed post today that warned me of the dangers of using dry ice. So I want to apologize to everyone out there for not adding a warning to that post (even though those drinks are definitely NOT MINE, I just re-posted some stuff from the internet).

You can go back and read the warning if you click here.

Also, another blogger posted another comment on another post - again, about Harry Potter (oh dear, HP posts are getting popular)- stating that her comment would be too long to post the whole lot of it in the comment section.

So, of course as my curiosity goes (and because it was the first time someone did this) I went out of my way to check it out.

You can read the whole thing here, but first you might want to check out my post to know what this is about.

Serel (As my understanding goes after reading a couple of words about her) has a pretty good understanding of anything Harry Potter.

Also, since I have no idea how tumblr works - I can't even figure out if you can live a comment there - I thought I should mention this here, otherwise it would lie forgotten like someone's skeleton (oooh, see, what I did there?).

So, I guess I thought I should retaliate with some other questions of my own - a friendly duel, if you may.

1. Yes, I agree - Slytherin might have a bunch of dark wizards, but they aren't all that way. In fact, I admire them, because despite it all they always managed to survive. What I was trying to say with the old post is that if I were a headmaster in Hogwarts I would surely do something about all the feud. I'm pretty sure that some people in Slytherin turn out bad BECAUSE no one even gives them a chance. Not everyone is such a strong person as Harry. It's actually quite easy to slip, especially when you start to believe all the rumors. And since you start school at an impressionable age, it's probably quite easy to influence the kids. Now, I know that tradition dictates that Hogwarts should keep the houses as they are and stuff like that, but if it were by me, I would think up a different way to deal with the whole thing. After all, nowadays every old school became modernized. Why shouldn't it be like that in the Wizarding world too (I know they are a bunch of really strict people - and you don't have to tell me how hard it is to give up traditions... I come from a place where until this day we have a hard time of it. That's probably why I have such a hard way with this one).

2. It was pretty well known by the people who mattered (and by this I mean the ones that had a high position is society). Also, I don't think that no one could come up with a spell that would unmask the whole thing. As far as I know places do have wards on them that will wash away every spell (Gringotts). Now I'm not really sure how that works- it's probably really old magic, or just some kind of magic that only the Goblins know, but it DOES exist. I don't think it would be such a hard thing to erect them on Hogwarts, or some other places.

3. Yeah, I guess you are right with the whole ward thing. But that doesn't mean you can't summon stuff from a muggle market. Besides, if you are a dark wizard I'm pretty sure you won't care for any laws. Also, if you just took the time to go to a muggle store I'm pretty sure that it would be quite easy to steal whatever you needed.
But besides of this, I thought of another thing that will underline what YOU said (I'm aware of the fact that I'm contradicting myself, but I love theorizing, be it either in my or someone other's favor). What I'm talking about are the Goblins. I'm pretty sure that if no one would store any more gold in their bank anymore they would revolt. And as far as I know they are pretty good with magic too - look at the wars on that bank!

4. The slavery part is pretty useless to talk about. I guess, I'm just like the boys in the book - I don't really understand it. I still think that whatever an elf can do, a normal wizard could also do, but then again, as Dumbledore said, I might have a wrong idea about them. I guess there is just too little information about how they work (though I'm kinda relating them to the common people from communist places. After a while they will not have their own opinion).

5. I'm kinda sure there area a bunch of Death Eaters in the ministry. Spies all around that place. Also, if a child could brake in that place, I kinda doubt the fact that a full grown person couldn't (I kinda have a problem with this, because it is there in every part of the story. Children - or teenagers, whatever- are always the hero who always win in fights with mature wizards.). Also, if Voldemort managed to kidnap a wandmaker, I don't know why he couldn't kidnap someone from the ministry who works with time turners. Though- again - I'm kinda theorizing here that those time turners were something out of this word. They probably just turned up at one time or another without anyone having to make them - kinda like how the whole experience with the time turner went for Harry and Hermione. Everything they did - happened once (or who knows how many times) before.

6. You might be right, but I doubt the fact that they never, every looked their siblings up on the map. I go with my experience here... like whenever I search for something on the internet about my name, or whatever I will usually do the same thing for at least my sister. (For example Googling myself, then checking in the other names from my family... you know, just because) Also, I'm kinda sure that the twins used that map mostly in the night... so if they wanted to sneak out they HAD to check the tower to see if anyone is asleep or not. And them being the twins, I could imagine that they would tease the hell out of Ron if they found this out. Even if they thought the map is broken. I mean... would you pass an occasion like that?

7. Still not a pretty good explanation, because I could retaliate with the same thing. I'm sure that Voldemort wasn't the only dark wizard who killed mothers and infants. So, I guess there must have been something else behind it all besides the things Dumbledore explained. Who know - it might have been Snape's involvement in all of it that did the trick. As you mentioned he did ask Voldemort not to kill Lily (who, I always guessed, that he didn't give a crap about the request) - maybe that request had something magical in it. All right, so this seems pretty unlikely, but I managed to bring Severus into this, so I'm happy about it!

8. Yes, it does work for only an hour - unless you drink it constantly. And yes, the ingredients for it might be expensive and probably rare too - but if a school teacher who is known by the whole wizarding world managed to put his hand on them, it mustn't be THAT hard to find. Besides - and I probably am stuck on this topic- what of the dark wizards? Do they care about law and order? Not really. If a crazy person could pull off an auror for a whole year without him being found out, I'm kinda sure there shouldn't be a problem impersonating a muggle. Also it kinda creeps me out that it will give you the ability to change your whole gender. That's why I was asking for its particularities. But apparently wizards are not bothered by this (Harry isn't when a bunch of girls suddenly turn into him, and the girls aren't either, when they turn into a boy. I mean, come on... tell me you wouldn't take at least a couple of minutes to experiment in that role...)

9. Sadly, I don't remember the warning word for word at the moment. Though I'm pretty sure that what they put in that stuff must be kinda bad in a long run - besides the fact that it would be really, really addicting. Also, it might even be a fake potion - like when Ron thinks he drank it. It probably only gives you the ability to listen to your instincts better, or whatnot. Maybe it only work when you are actually paying attention to it - so if you were in a really stressful situation you probably wouldn't give a crap about what your instincts tell you. (And I'm pretty sure Snape and Voldemort were in a lot of stress during the war)

10. It seems to me that the wand issue was thrown in there at the lat minute or something - it isn't really explained that well. I still don't understand why the whole 'changing masters' still works, when it is clearly stated that the wand chooses you. So are wands sentient? Or do they just react to something about your magic? Can they decide for themselves who they would serve from now on?

Well, this is pretty much it. I didn't want to sound rude either - I just found this a fascinating topic. And I always love to debate (coming up with something clever to contradict someone is pretty fun. At least in writing...)

Again, thanks for your comment! I hope you will check back in :)