...have to complain about today, is this weather.

It's really, really hot outside- hot enough to make the toughest guy feel faint around here.

So of course I'm cooped up in the house with all curtains closed - I swear, it's so dark, it feels like a dungeon - and with the fans running almost non-stop. And because yesterday I spent enough time in the kitchen to last us two days, today I'm pretty much bored. (I would actually prefer to stay around the hot fire and cook than sit around doing nothing, but oh well. Tomorrow will be a better day)

And because of the weather (or probably because of the lack of action) I'm also really sleepy - and until about 10-11 in the evening I'm not really in the mood for anything.

So I just spend the time with watching movies and playing video games (yeah, what's the difference, anyway?). And because I'm planning on writing a movie review tomorrow (or the day after that, cause we are going to the cinema in the evening), I thought it would be better to just go along and criticize a couple of games I've been playing around with.

First off, I have to tell you guys that I am usually quite entertained for a few hours by the usual point and click adventure games. Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Simon the Sorcerer and stuff like that always entertained me (though sadly I never played every single one in the series yet).

But because a pretty new adventure game came out not too long ago, I decided that instead of playing trough those old ones again I should give this one a try.

In comes Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle.

The game is pretty easy to finish - I did it in just two days. It has a pretty good hint system - which will highlight all the clickable sites on your screen, but it will definitely not give you anything else as to what your next step should be. But for those who played games like this before, most of the solutions to the tasks at hand will be pretty easy to find. I think I only found myself a little bit lost about two times, but in a few minutes of going back on my trails and using every item on every possible site gave me the solution.

The graphics aren't too bad - but not really amazing either.

I enjoyed the fact that they included dialogue subtitles - in some of the games I played they didn't have that option and sometimes you would just miss an important hint to a task.

What I didn't like about it was the fact that the main character was really slow sometimes - especially when you were not allowed to use the mapping system to jump from one end of the world to another in ans instant.

Otherwise it was pretty entertaining. The story wasn't something earth-shatteringly good, but it was light enough for me to be caught in it while I played it. I kinda missed the point of it in the end - it seemed a little bit hurried along after all the adventures you had to go trough just to get to your treasure. But then again that's pretty much the point in every adventure game of this kind.

The characters in the game were nicely done (I especially liked the dumb blonde girl who liked to hang around the decks at midnight), and there were just enough cracks in their tales to make me chuckle out loud a couple of times (I won't spoil the game for you, but just you wait until you find out who Uncle Eduardo is).

Anyways, this game is quite entertaining and I'm actually hoping for someone to make a sequel to it - I still find it pretty sad that there aren't more games like this out there. But then again, it won't put you in the middle of action as Quantum Conundrum does.

Now if there are any games out there that will make you swear continuously for a couple of hours, this one is the king of their land.

The game will eerily remind you of Portal - but this time it is coupled with a childishly looking place, and what appears to be a great story for children.

Let me tell you, though, this game is pure evil. It's actually worse than Angry Birds as far as impossible physics puzzles go. You will have to not only figure out how everything works in there (there are 5 dimensions you will have to be able to maneuver, all of them with different kind of laws. Add to this that every object works differently in every dimension and you'll get something almost impossible to finish), but you will have to do this in first person view too.

Let me just tell you, this game is not something you will wish to play for long hours. The puzzles will get increasingly hard and complex, and you will have to have not only the perfect timing to finish some of them, but also a really good sense of how high, how long and for how much time you can jump.

I'm barely in the second chamber - probably somewhere in the middle of it, and I'm almost considering giving up. I had to shamefully look up a walktrough two times already, and even with that I had trouble timing everything in just the correct way.

And then there is that constant uncle and his pet always turning up and annoying you with their hints, and you will want to kill them as soon as you lay your hands on them. (Actually, if I was in the main character's place I would leave that old retard where he is and get out of his crazy castle as soon as possible).

But with all this, the game is insanely addicting too. Just like Angry Birds, you will curse and swear and punch holes in your wall, but you won't be able to close the game until you get *just this one stage* done.

And then you will get that strange buzz of 'oh, man, I'm awesome', and you'll probably start another one - and thereby starting over the whole cycle of swearing and punching holes in your wall when you realize you are not exactly a great platformer player.