...decided to make today is a kind of pancake.

I have to confess guys, I have never, ever tried the American kind of pancakes - and I don't even have an idea how they make them.

You look upon this post with horror probably (considering how most of you out there are from the US), but there it goes. And why should I want to try them out, when I have the perfect recipe of our version of pancakes?

Now I'm going to share this with you guys, but I have to warn you - it isn't as easy as it looks like.

Why? First off, because it might be better if you made these without using any measurements (I have to admit, when I counted everything out and used a scale to have everything as the recipe says, they mostly turned out like crap). This is because you probably won't have the same kind of ingredients as I have (there really is a difference between every kind of flour, or water or whatever). And this pancake is pretty sensitive.

So if you are only used to cook with exact measurements you will probably fail a couple of times while making this - you know, until you get the hang of it, and possibly learn how the outcome should be.

All right, so let's get down to business.

You will need the following stuff to make it: flour, eggs, milk, a bit of sugar and salt, very little oil and an incy vincy bubbly water.

You will have to mix these all together until you get a slightly thick mass that's almost like cooking cream.

It will look like this:

Now, let me explain some of the ingredients. Flour, eggs and milk are I guess self-explanatory. The sugar you only have to add if you want the pancakes to be consumed as desert. Otherwise you will only need to add a pinch of salt. (Don't overdo the salt. If you add only a little it will bring out the sweet taste to it)

The oil is needed in it so you won't need to put oil in your frying pan. It will make your pancake just right for it not to burn. If you leave out the oil from the mix you can also put it into the pan when it is really hot, but be careful to only coat it - don't pour the oil directly in it, cause the pancake will drink it all up. Preferably use a kitchen brush for this.

The bubbly water isn't necessary either, but it will make the mix a lot lighter and enjoyable than without it.

All right, so after you are done with mixing this together grab a ladle and carefully pour it into your already hot pan. You will have to do this in a way so with you other hand you can grab the pan and move it around in a circle, just so the mix forms a perfect pancake coat on the bottom of it.

Something along the lines of this:

If your pan isn't hot enough the pancake won't stick to the pan too well, and it will have a bunch of holes in it.

Now, if you did the mix just right you will only have to wait a little bit, until you can see that the edge of the pancake is turning brown, and that it is really easy to use a spatula to turn it. If you don't wait enough, the pancake will still be stuck to the pan and thus it will kinda turn into something that resembles overcooked scrambled eggs.

Don't worry, though, if this happens. You can still eat it, even though it looks unappetizing. And it's good exercise until you get it right. (I also have to confess, for the first couple of times when I made it almost all of the pancakes turned out like that. But I didn't give up - I added more of the necessary ingredients and tried until I got it just right)

So when the pancake unsticks from the pan you can turn it over - but this time don't leave it there as much as with the other side, cause it will turn all crunchy. Give it just enough for it to have a bunch of golden rings on it, and then you are done!

Like this:

Now, if you used sugar in the mix, you can basically put everything that's sweet on it. You can use Nutella (or any other kind of chocolate cream), you can use sweetened 'orda' (a traditional Romanian dairy product) with a little mix of dill in it, and you can also use any kind of jam.

You can also decide to make a real pancake-cake out of it. For this you will need jam, Nutella and ground walnuts. You will then of course proceed to stack the pancakes this way: pancake, chocolate, pancake, jam, walnuts, pancake, chocolate, pancake, jam, walnuts... until you run out of pancakes. It. Will. Be. Awesome!

And then of course there is that other choice - where you didn't add sugar. In this case you will have to make a spaghetti or pizza sauce and dribble it inside, than close the pancakes up and insert them in your oven for a little bit.

Whatever you want to eat them with - there is no way you won't like it.

Since we didn't have any chocolate today at home we deiced to use jam (we ALWAYS have jam at home- mom makes them herself).

Although we used cherry:

And strawberry:

...It doesn't mean you can't use anything else. It's also especially good with peach jam, or with apple, or... hell. Anything you like. Anything you have at hand. (I also love mom's cherry-strawberry-banana jam, even though I usually hate bananas. It has some kind of special taste to it, and you just can't get enough)

And then, when you coated them to your liking, just roll them up:

And enjoy!