...promised you guys was to review Ice Age 4.

And now that I have a couple of free minutes I'll do just that.

The first thing I will have to tell you about this movie should be that it was a LOT better than the previous two (nothing will surpass the first one though).

We managed to catch it with the original sounds (as in not translated), which was absolutely great. And on a side note, I'm still proud of my fellow humans, who also attended this showing and not the translated one. It is a HUGE difference between them (and around here you'll only catch it in Romanian, and the Romanian translation usually sucks ass).

The movie has a lot of old cliches, but it somehow manages to pass them down, and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

I usually love these kinds of movies, because even though they have their own little world they somehow manage to include a bunch of well-known moments from other great movies. I only watched it once, but even that was enough for me to find a bunch of these - and I'm not even too familiar with the classic movies.

I loved the mythical and "historical" elements to the movie too - which you will see mostly at the end of it of course (with the appearance of Scratlantis, and the Liberty Statue) , but also all the new characters in it.

The great enemy this time is a pirate primate and his crazy crew (and who doesn't like a pirate movie nowadays?). Gutt, the pirate captain is voiced by the amazing Peter Dinklage, a fact I didn't even know until the credits rolled (I know, I know, I must be insane or something).

But then again I didn't really take my time trying to discern which animal is voiced by who - I was too much into the action for that.

The pirates are mostly all just a little bit retarded, and you'll all love them for it. Especially Flynn, the huge elephant seal who somehow manages to always forget that he is a sea creature - and thus he shouldn't be afraid of water.

He is hilariously enthusiastic about everything, though, and this makes just the perfect match for a side-character (the animal personification of 'ignorance is bliss').

Shira, the love interest of Diego was probably a little bit too much for me - but I guess every character in the series should find a mate in the end, so I'm not really complaining (even though I loved Diego as he was... the lonely, sarcastic asshole with a really big heart). She is voiced by J-Lo, so it might have been this that squeaked me out a little bit. This and the fact that one of the teenage mammuts was voiced by Nicki Minaj - though that character was just as shallow as the person voicing it, so I guess it was OK.

The old characters are just as good as they were before - Scrat is still searching for his nut, and creating world-wide catastrophes, and Sid is just as insane as before.

Plus he is joined by his even more insane grandmother, who I absolutely adored. She is hilariously senile, but at the same time immensely intelligent.

For everyone out the who is against more Ice Age movies, and says that it's crap, I give you a big FUCK YOU!

Whatever crap you will find with it- it's still a hilarious cartoon full with pretty nice messages - consider them the Little Red Riding Hood of this generation. If that didn't make you dumb, this won't either. In fact, it will probably make some people out there read into their history.

All in all, this is worth watching! Like, really, go and check it out. It's even better if you watch it in 3D (finally a movie I watch in 3D that doesn't make me want to cut off my head after it).

Also, I wanted to post the credits here, but apparently it's too new for that to be posted anywhere on the internet. But I found the credit song for you guys - so you might want to check it out: