...have to do today, is to wish dad a Happy Birthday.

And since it's his birthday I thought that I should make something special.

I've seen on Pinterest a cool post about soaking lemons in food colorants to get some funky stuff for drinks, and I wanted to try that out for a long time now.

And considering that it's a pretty hot day again, and we have some amazingly tasty melons, I thought that I should do something nice.

So, here are my lemons first:

I divided them up in three different plates because I had red, blue and green colorants at hand (courtesy to Emőke).

This is what it looked like just a few minutes after I poured the colorant in (I have a magic house where everything is upside down...or I was probably just too lazy to switch it around. Who knows...):

Of course I made something to drink along with these too... Now, I'm going to share what I made, but you should know that I have no idea if this recipe even exists, or if it has a name... I kinda made it all up on the run (and because we don't really have money for fancy stuff, I only used cheap things)

So, the first thing I did was to ground up some ice (made from tea). Then, I poured some orange juice on top of it, added a little powdered sugar and a couple of slices of melon and honeydew. When it was all blended together nicely I poured some drinking alcohol on top of it (Be careful with that stuff, and only use it diluted!).

When it's done keep it in the fridge, so it won't lose that nice smoothness to it.

And then it's time to prepare the glasses!

I used the leftover food coloring for this next step. I placed the rim of the glasses into the coloring, then, while they were still wet, put them into sugar. The crystals turned blue, red and green from the food coloring, giving the glass a nice look.

And what's left of the day is the dessert...

I decided to stick with the fruity theme for the day, so I just used the melon, the honeydew and some bananas that we already had in the fridge.

I cut them all up in pieces, and placed them all in a big casserole, so it was see-trough. Then I made some amazing chocolate fondue that would go along with it- see? Fast, easy and tasty!

For the chocolate fondue I used baking chocolate, cream, milk, butter, and powdered sugar.
First thing you have to do is to melt the chocolate, than add the milk and the cream. I used some extra powdered sugar to make it extra sweet, but you can leave it out if you don't want it that way. When everything melted together like it should, I added just a little butter to the mix, to make it even more amazing.
If you want to give it an extra kick you can add liqueur or instant coffee to the mix too, but I wanted it plain for this.

Then, while it's hot, pour it into a see-trough bowl.

With the help of some fancy toothpicks you can now dip your fruits into the hot chocolate and have an amazing afternoon.