...have to admit, is that I'm feeling really useless today.

I came home a few hours ago, and had (again) one of the worst bus rides in my life.
A woman kept trying to tell me something, but I really didn't care, so I listened to music all the while she talked. I have no idea if she realized that I don't give a crap, cause she also kept grinning like a crazy person. Then a kids tarted poking me and I had to restrain myself not to lash out.

Dude, I hate pokes even on Facebook, what makes you think I like your grubby fingers on me in real life?

Also, I just spent about an hour sitting around and waiting for our budgie to calm down enough to be placed back in his cage. First day we let him out - and I think he was scarred for life.

I don't think he ever used his wings in his life. He kept flying into every possible object, like a big scary evening moth. He also managed to fall inside the sink at least two times.

An utterly useless day, I'm telling you.

There is also the fact that the house looks like a war-zone again. I'm pretty sure I didn't mention this till now, but we're going on vacation next week, and I won't be around. (Also my parents entered panic mode a few days ago, and now we have to search for everything we want to bring with us...)

Damn, I can't wait for us to go on that trip already. I'm actually hoping to have some pretty nice times - we already have some nice things planned for it.

Anyways, I thought I should do a roundup for you guys today. And since I'm such a mess, I thought I will show you the internet's most useless sites and posts. Yeah... how fun...

First off... a video! To get us started, you know... So everyone can get into that mood where you just want to go to sleep forever to avoid getting bored every again.

Here's another one for your enjoyment... If you have nothing better to do with your time than to play around with useless colored boxes, you will love this.
You will be asked to put some different colored squared thingies in the right order by their hue. And that's pretty much it. You win nothing, and you will probably never know in your life if you succeeded or not. Great fun.

The next page will be fun if you like to look at random pictures. This site will ask you to put your mouse pointer anywhere in a big rectangle, and in the next few seconds it will give you a picture that will have some random people pointing at it. I just spent the last few minutes trying it out. It's pretty useless, but strangely addicting.

All right, the next site made me chuckle just a little bit. Probably cause I'm tired... or maybe because I like troll stuff. Zombo.com will make you feel welcome at their site. You are welcome.

You know those useless videos YouTube has to offer, where the same little tune is looped over and over for at least ten hours? I bet you do. Well, this site is something like it, only instead of making you listen to some crazy dud singing about his horse, you will have dead silence. This site has only one use. It will count the time you spend on it. There is actually nothing to do there, but to open it up and look at it count down seconds. Maybe you can combine it with that first video to make this whole day doubly fantastic.

"You probably didn't know that David Bowie is very disappointed in you, but...now you do. And no, we don't know why." says the site.

Do you remember those boring days when your parents dragged you with them to the office and handed you a few pieces of paper and a stapler to play with? You probably ended up having the time of your life back then - and if you are still a child at heart you will probably like this site too. I guess in these modern times there is the benefit of not wasting precious paper and... well... staples.

Also, I bet you had those great moments in your life, where you wondered over life's big questions. Well, this site will give you the answer to the biggest question one has to ask him or herself all year long: Is it Christmas yet?

So this next site made me LOL. It has a beautiful big red button on it, that doesn't do anything when you push it. You can try it out yourself, here's the link. Also, please read the comments below the button. They're hilarious.

The next site I dedicate to all my fellow rain lovers out there (hint hint). I actually don't find this thing useless at all - I love the sound of the rain, and it makes a great background sound as I write, study or do whatever the hell I want. So, for those out there who want to blame your lazy asses on something, you can always say that it's raining.

All right, so this is pretty much it for today - for you guys who would like to spend some more time doing pretty much nothing, here's a site for you.It has a whole bunch of pointless stuff in it. Enjoy.