...mentioned to you guys, is that I find slow motion fascinating.

And especially the work the Slow-mo guys do on YouTube.

So I thought that I could share some of my favorite slow motion videos today...

First off - let's start with a pretty well-known one. Of course it will be from The Slow Mo Guys... because I just love them!
Now, this particular video has the boys jumping on huge water balloons. I'M pretty sure that even by jumping on them they had an amazing day - but watching it back all in slow motion probably made it all the more fun. And you know... there's something majestic about the way that balloon pops.

I found a compilation for you guys also - a high fps one too. It has 12 object popping, bursting or otherwise acting in it- and all of them are amazing. I especially like how everything keeps it's for for the shortest of times, before it loses it. Like... the balloons. Notice how the water in them keeps its for for the fragment of a second?

The other video I like is this next one, where there is some gelatin cube dropped on a solid surface. It kinda acts the same as a full water balloon does - one that doesn't really explode in the first moment.

You know how cute animals can be, even in normal speed. But watching this cute little chipmunk in slow motion just made my day. There are a lot of slow motion videos about other animals too out there - the slow mo guys even have one of their cat(the one you see in the video about the balloon), and there are a bunch of birds caught on camera too. They are all very nice, but I found this one even better than the others for some strange reason.

Aaaand the last one for today.

I find this one disgusting, but at the same time amazing. It's actually an ad, but what can you do? People are still disgusting -especially so in slow mo- no matter what they do. (I read yesterday an article on Cracked that had me laughing like no other article they had till now)

But let's watch the video!

So, guys, which one of these do you love - or are there any others that you prefer?