...managed to do today, was to give the creeps to my computer.

Yeah, you read that right.

As you know it, I'm pretty much up to my elbows with packing stuff for our little trip - and my computer managed to somehow act up right this day. And why not? It's not as if I needed it to load up our laptop with movies and such...

Well, after about two hours of trying to restart it, I flipped out and kicked it around for a minute. One of my dark moments, I admit, but let me just tell you, it worked. As soon as I put it back, it started up without a problem. Well... for one more day I'm hoping it won't have any additional problems- then it can relax for a whole week, before I come home and clean it out totally (I guess it was a long month since the last clean-up, so it kinda needs it).

Anyways. I have absolutely no idea what to write about today.

I'm running around the house, trying to remember anything that I didn't pack up, and also trying to make some of those amazing cottage cheese fritters to use up the last of the food we have in the fridge. (We will unplug everything when we go, you know... safety first... and we don't want to leave behind anything that's going to spoil)

Also, as I was looking around for some inspiration, I came upon this:

Which, in case you were wondering is pretty neat. Emő told me that she stumbled upon my blog many times before - she also had some print screens to prove it- but I've never managed to find it on my own. It's actually a pretty amazing feeling to see that your stuff is looked at by so many people out there.

So now I'm a little bit worried.

What will happen here, while I'm gone? You guys will have to go for a week without any new new updates... and I bet that lots of you guys will abandon the ship too. I just hope that once the next week starts most of you will be still around.

I found another interesting website while while stumbling.

It's actually an online magazine, but what can you do... they have some awesome stuff.

Their site, "knockknockstuff.com" has probably the most useless thingies out there - and I want most of them. Especially the ones that follow...

Oh, how easy life would be with these...Though I think I would need a fortune to buy enough of these to last for every little annoyance...