...have to say today is a short good bye.

As I've been hinting to it, we're going on a short vacation, and I'm pretty sure that we won't have any internet available for us to use from there.


By the time we get back I'm pretty sure we will have a full program for the Hungarian Days of Kolozsvár (it will be held between 13th and 20th august), so I will be able to share that too... you know, just in case someone will be interested to come over here and check it out.

Until then, though... here's something for all you guys who love random acts of culture...

This flashmob gave me goosebumps as soon as the people started singing out loud. I love the fact that hearing classical music out in the street will make most people hang around and enjoy it - and I love the fact that the kids seem to love it the most. It gives some hope for the future generations.

This next one is a pop-up rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's "Messiah", sang by a whole bunch of people (650 choristers) at a mall. There's a whole bunch of info of this event in the video's description if you want to check it out - but let me tell you, it's wholly enjoyable even without that.

I already love this song, but watching this video made my day even better. For those who were wondering, the song is from Carmina Burana, and it's called O,Fortuna.

This particular Verdi piece is again a pretty well known one. I find this particular video even more fun than the others, cause of the place it takes place at. Just look at those people... having fun, and all. I want to hear something like this out in the open too!

And this will be the last one for today. It kinda reminds me of amazingly chewy cheese on hot pizza (I guess they used this song too much in commercials)... Whatever, though, cause Pizza is AWESOME and so it this.

For you guys out there who want to know more about Random Acts of Culture, you must visit this site.

And if you have some that you liked more than these, feel free to share it with us!