...would absolutely love to see on the internet are virtual real-time tours.

I know that there are a lot of options if you want to see the world but you don't have money to do it.

Options like Google Earth, and a bunch of other sites (you can get a list of 100 such places here) are pretty handy with this kind of stuff. But the thing is, I didn't find any that would make it available for you to see the insides of a palace or museum, or any other building really.

Imagine how popular such a thing would be. Especially with all the nerds out there.

You could see every little exposition, every nook and cranny - and maybe even get a lot more info about stuff than you could in real life.

And now you might say this is a stupid idea - one that can't actually be done, probably because of the whole money issue (why would you pay for visiting a museum if you can do it for free)...

But the thing is, I don't think anyone would lose anything with it. There would be s many tourists as any other times - believe me, if I had the means I would definitely prefer seeing everything live. There is something about the fact that you can actually smell, see and touch (not in too many occasions) things - and of course there is the part that you can get real memories.

And I'm still wondering why aren't there at least a couple of videos of the stuff you could see in museums. I mean if you look up specific locations on YouTube, like Stonehenge or the Pyramids you'll see a whole many of them - but only on the outside.

And I just realized this now, because I was searching for videos about the inside of the Doge Palace in Venice.

Well, actually I found a couple of videos about the place, but not one of them will take you around the place normally - as if you would tape the whole time you were there. Here is a little documentary I found - it has pretty nice pictures, but it will only take you to a couple of the rooms in that place, and even then it won't show every little detail.

And believe me, no matter how many of videos of this kind you watch, you will never experience the real thing. I mean, when I visited the place we walked around in the Palace for about 4 hours - and let me tell you, we didn't actually see everything. It would be a hell of a task to get everything on camera - probably taking up a few days if not weeks to make up a real tour.

But if someone would do these, I swear I would watch them minute by minute.

I mean, take a look at this video:

It's at the beginning of the tour (if you don't take into account the whole lot of waiting to buy your tickets inside), and it's already amazing. That whole staircase you can see in it is made with gold. And every little square has a different painting inside of it. And now compare the times. It took 1.24 minutes to film this - only walking up the stairs and not really focusing on the details. Imagine how long it would take if you looked at every single detail.

I was also trying to find some kind of video about the armory, the dungeons (yeah... the prison part too) and the map room for Emő and Ágota - Emő would be delighted at the map room and Ágota would love the armory, but then again the whole thing is awesome (the ballrooms - fun fact: when I was in one of them we managed to get a couple of minutes where my friend and I were the only ones inside the room. And we took the chance and danced around a little bit in there. It was freaking awesome! -, and the hallways with huge family portraits... just like in movies, I kid you not). Sadly, though I couldn't find any. And because I had a crappy camera I couldn't even take any pictures either, so I had to find a couple for yo guys from the internet.

Map room:

Council Room:




Prison dungeon:

Torture room:

Casanova's Cell:

So what do you think? Would you like to take some virtual tours?