...want to share with you guys, is a recipe.

Since dad is home today we decided to make our very own special recipe of layered zucchini.

But guys, I should warn you... this will take up a pretty long time to finish, mostly because you will have to spend some quality time with the zucchini.

Firs off, here are the ingredients:

You will need tomatoes,onions, garlic, salt, pepper, basil, bay leaves, and oregano.

But also the zucchinis, flour, oil and cheese.

Now, what you have to do with them is pretty simple, but as I said time-consuming. First off peal the zucchinis and cut them up in little rings. Then slowly layer them up on a platter and put some salt on them so they leave a little juice.

Then you will have to leave it alone for about 15 minutes so the salt can do its work. It will look like this:

While you are waiting for this, you should start making the sauce.
Cut up the onions and put them in a bowl along with a bit of oil, then you should head over to the fireplace.

After they are half-way done you should add half of the garlic and the tomatoes, then comes the seasoning. Put in there the bay leaves, the oregano, the basil and the pepper (you should grind up some pepper, cause it can be a bitch to crunch on them as you eat). But don't add salt- the zucchini will be salted enough in the end.

Mix them together and cook them on low fire. Be careful cause the sauce can burn really fast if you don't pay attention. If you see that it's becoming too thick put some water in it- but don't overdo this either, otherwise you'll get a soup and not a sauce.
A little tip for those who don't have the time to use fresh tomatoes: you can also put in there some tomato paste, but if you do this you should also add a little bit of sugar to the mix, cause fresh tomatoes are sweeter than the canned paste.

By the time the sauce is done I'm pretty sure that the zucchini will be done also, so grab another large plate and put some flour in it. Then grab the zucchinis and one by one roll them in the flour.

You also have to put a frying pan with some oil on the fire so it gets really hot.
Also, another tip: don't use too much oil at a time, cause the zucchinis will drink them all up.

Fry those bitches, till they become a beautiful golden color. Not like this:

Still not ready:

Yes, please:

Now, I hate it when something is greasy, so I used a paper towel to dry those fried zucchinis up a little. If you don't mind the oil still clinging to it you don't have to use this, but I warn you - the sauce will have enough oil in it.

So... when you are done with the zucchinis, you should grab a heat-resistant casserole and put some of that sauce on the bottom of it.

Then put a layer of the zucchini down, so you don't see the bottom of the casserole. Grab the remaining garlic and slice them up. Do this with the cheese too, and place them on top of the zucchini.

Then repeat the procedure (sauce, zucchini, garlic, cheese) till you run out of all of them.

And then one last step... put it in the oven till the cheese melts and your stomach pleads with you for some sustenance.

Believe me, you'll get something really, really good. Also, if you heed my tips (so it's not greasy) you will be able to eat this cold too. In fact, it might give you a totally different taste (sadly I can't try it out today, cause it's gone).