...was watching today on the TV was the Frei Dossier.

I'm not sure how many of you guys know what this is about - since it's a Hungarian infotainment program- but I thought that you should know that it still exists.

Well, as far as Youtube does, I mean.

I actually managed to catch an episode about biological weapons and a little of the politics going along with it after the time of the second world war, till about the 90's. And let me tell you, it was a pretty amazing documentary.

I rarely got the chance to catch an episode or two, but till now all of them were really interesting. I guess it's all the surprise factor in it, cause every episode is different.

"Frei Dossier is hosted by Tamas Frei, a two time Hungarian Pulitzer Prize winner and one of Hungary's most famous and respected television reporters. Tamas Frei began his career as a travelling correspondent, visiting more than 100 countries. He later became Hungary's leading war correspondent covering the Somalian and the Bosnian war situations. His most dangerous moment happened in Columbia when he was arrested by the Medellín drug cartel and freed by the military just many days later. His claim to fame was his breaking and risky report on the Ebola virus in Zaire. Tamas Frei's interview credits with world leaders include computer mogul Bill Gates, former Russian President Gorbachov, Nobel Peace Prizewinner Nelson Mandela and many others."

Anyways, for those who are interested in watching it here's the first episode in the series:

You can jump on to the next one on the YouTube channel. (Which you should do, cause it is really interesting. The first episode happens to be about sharks. Oh, it is also in Hungarian...)