...am going to dedicate this post today is Dragon Age.

And although I wasn't really impressed with the second one after playing Origins, I'm not going to exclude it from the party.
Yes, even after all these years (ALWAYS!), I'm still hooked on this game, playing it over and over again. And the funny thing is, that every time I do it, I find new things I can enjoy and laugh about. And just about the time I'm starting to get bored of it too, so it gives me just the push to go further and try to chew it up really good.

But, really, what is there not to like about it? The story is awesome, the characters always well developed and lovable, and the dialogue amazing. Like, really, check these quotes out:

Join us, brothers and sisters. "Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant. Join us as we carry the duty that cannot be forsworn. And should you perish, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten... and that one day, we shall join you." (Alistair at the Joining)

"Alistair: Were you really locked up in that cage for twenty days?
Sten: It may have been more like thirty. I stopped counting after a while.
Alistair: What did you do? Twenty days is a long time.
Sten: On good days, I posed riddles to passers-by, offering treasures for the correct answers.
Alistair: Really?
Sten: No."

"Oghren: Yep, lotta tension around here
Alistair: You think so? Do you?
Oghren: Know what I do to relieve tension?
Alistair: I hesitate to wonder
Oghren: I polish the 'ol weapon
Alistair: Really?
Oghren: Yep. Give it a good shine with a dry rag. Then with a little grease
Alistair: That's disgusting!
Oghren: You're telling me you never gave your blade the 'ol spit shine?
Alistair: I think that's private
Oghren: Really?
Oghren: Sodding Chantry and its rules. I like to do it right out in the open
Alistair: Where people can SEE you?
Oghren: Yep!
Alistair: Wait... What are you talking about?
Oghren: What are YOU talking about?"

"Wynne: Why do you occasionally refer to Alistair as "a little pike twirler"?
Oghren: Why? Has the little pike twirler taken offense?
Wynne: It's just a curious description.
Oghren: Curious? Heh, nah it's entirely true. What, you haven't seen him twirling his pike? Goes at it when he thinks no ones watching, knocks about in the trees like there's no tomorrow. Caught him just the other day, blushed all the way down to his navel, then couldn't find his shirt. I swear he's gonna hurt himself one of these days, the way he works that thing.
Wynne: I don't want to hear this anymore do I?
Oghren: I keep telling him pike's are for sticking things at long range, aye? Horses and such. Not for twirling like a sissy girl.
Wynne: Wait, you're talking about an actual pike? Like a spear?
Oghren: Obviously. What else would I be talking about?"

"Varric: Opinions are like testicles, you kick 'em hard enough and it doesn't matter how many you've got."

"Merrill: "So do you like telling stories?"
Varric: "I enjoy telling them and watching the faces of my audience get excited as I spin a tale."
Merrill: "We had a story teller in the clan."
Varric: "Did he enjoy it as much as I do?"
Merrill: "I think he did. But he did not start his stories with 'I shit you not'."

"Wynne: Why do I have to be called 'Elder Mage'? I know I'm getting past my prime, but still...
Shale: Would you rather I called you 'Older Mage But Don't Mind My Sagging Bits?'"

"Zevran: I think I have a joke for you, my fine dwarven friend.
Oghren: Just don't expect me to laugh.

Zevran: So a human, an elf, and a dwarf are walking down a trail beside a stream, and they stop to take a piss.

Oghren: All right. Things are lookin' up. Continue.

Zevran: After, the human takes out some soap and begins washing his hands. "We humans have learned how to be clean and hygienic," he says to the others. The elf begins picking some leaves off the trees and wipes his hands with them. "We elves do as tradition has taught us and use what nature has provided." The dwarf, meanwhile, has pulled up his trousers and is already on his way down the trail. "And our ancestors," he calls back, "taught us dwarves not to piss on our hands!" (Laughs)

Oghren: Heh. Shows you what you know about dwarves."

“People fear, not death, but having life taken from them. Many waste the life given to them occupying themselves with things that do not matter. When the end comes, they say they did not have time enough to spend with loved ones, to fulfill dreams, to go on adventures they only talked about. But why should you fear death if you are happy with the life you have lead? If you can look back on everything and say, ‘yes I am content,’ it is enough.” (Wynne)

Anyway, you should absolutely try playing this game if you haven't already. It will be worth it, be really sure of that.

And to not leave you guys without a couple of pictures either, here are some great DA cosplayers. (What do you think of the costumes?)

This is Zevran Arainai, a libidinous elven Antivan (A nation that resembles Spain and Italy) rogue.

This is Leliana, an Orlesian (which is the equivalent of France) bard.

That's Varric Tethras who's real job is to maintain a "spy network" with contacts to deal with various troubles that come along with being in a family that is part of the Dwarven Merchant Guild.

Some cool Alistair cosplay I could find. He is a playful and compassionate Grey Warden, who eventually can become a King.

Morrigan is a Witch of The Wilds

Flemeth, Morrigan's mother who is an immortal being.

Anders, an apostate mage.

The only thing I'm sorry about is that no one actually attempted to do an Oghren cosplay till now - well, at least there are no pictures of it. Which is weird, because he was one of the best characters.

Don't you agree?