...stumbled upon yesterday was Goodreads.

It's a pretty nice site and I ended up spending a couple of hours on it just browsing between all the books there.

I's basically like a cross between a huge digital library and your bookshelf. You can not only find recommendations via what you read and what you liked, but you can also add the books you have already purchased and manage them.

And then, there is of course the part where you can add your own reviews, you can become a librarian yourself, you can win new books and you can even note down your favorite quotes from your favorite books or authors.

And there are also a lot of groups and people with whom you can connect and share your thoughts on what you learned from all the book you read.

As I said, amazing!

You can find the site here - and feel free to add me as a friend too. I'm always up to sharing knowledge...

And since yesterday we took a look at our past, I thought today we should do the total opposite of it - let's see what the future will bring.

As you guys know, Dubai is coming up with the most amazing futuristic buildings. I never really wished to visit Dubai before, but seeing this next hotel kinda made me change my mind.


This hotel will apparently be completed next year, and it will lie on 260 hectares. Yes, it will be pretty huge (it costs around £300m, and is about the size of London's Hyde Park), and under water (20m below the surface of the Persian Gulf).
So, guys... were you ever fascinated by Jules Verne's watery worlds? Here it all is- another project that came true!

Sooo... how obsessed are you with pyramids? Were you fascinated with them all your life? Reading up books on these huge, ancient constructions? Well, you could have the opportunity to actually live in one.

This mega structure will be built in Tokyo Bay, Japan, and it will actually be 14 times bigger that the Great Pyramid of Giza It will be able to house 750.000 people. As you can see, it has 5 trusses, and each one of them is of the same dimension of the pyramid of Giza. Neat, eh? Because this building is so huge, it can't really be built with the materials used nowadays - they are just too heavy. It will probably be built with super-strong lightweight materials based on carbon nanotubes. Which is probably a technology for the future.

All right, back to Dubai.

As you can see, almost everything here is covered with solar panels. And why not? Sunlight is free after all - and what does the desert have if not sunlight? This building will be used as both a hotel and residential, but will also be an entertainment development. It will be placed in just the right angle to reduce solar gain and maximize solar production, so it will practically have free and renewable energy ALL THE TIME.

And now let's visit the US of A.

This is Dragonfly, and it will be located in New York (where else?).
And this time I'm actually interested in a building THIS huge from that part of the world. Because, my dears, this will contain not only residences and offices, it will also be used as farming space, and even areas dedicated to growing and studying both produce and livestock. I'm actually starting to find more and more projects like this, where they build huge buildings and use them as vertical farms. Maybe Semiramis' Hanging Gardens had some truth in them also?

Anyways, the next one will probably blow your mind:

I have no idea if this will actually be built in the near future, but there are plans and ideas already, so I'm adding it to the list. Apparently, even if this thing looks like something you can only imagine in weird SF movies, they would be great, because they can all support themselves without depending on the cities below them. They are practically equipped to work as autonomous cities that interact only selectively with their environments.

And here's my favorite one.

This is called the Fab Tree Hab, and it was never-ever actually built. And I don't mean that in the way that it will be BUILT in the future. No, this "building" actually grows itself. So what's cool about this? As I said, this building is grown out of big, hard structured trees while some vines are used as softer materials. It's cool, it's Eco-friendly, and it is pretty sure that your house will be unique, since there are no two identical trees either. I want one!