...adored as a child were dinosaurs.

And which child doesn't love them, really?

I used to read books about them and watch entire TV shows based on them... and of course I had my Jurassic Park obsession too. Since then I kinda grew out of it, though I still find them fascinating enough just to read about them once in a while.

So today I thought I will share with you guys a couple of stuff I found real interesting in this topic.

The first thing is that a couple of years back we had a guy giving a lecture at Uni about dinosaurs in Transylvania. I found it fascinating, all in all, especially the part where he explained to us that the way we thought dinosaurs looked like when the first ones were discovered changed drastically over time. Like, I bet you still have this image of a scaly and HUGE looking T-Rex, or dinosaurs with really thick skin. Well, it turns out that dinosaurs were mostly feathered.

For example, I bet you know this little guy:

No? Well, it is a velociraptor, and this is what we all imagined they looked like for a loooong time. But, here is what they changed into:

Awesome, isn't it? I think they look even more terrifying this way, if that's even possible. I would definitely be afraid of a creature as big as a dog that looked like a weird cross between a crocodile and a chicken, charging at me.

Now, onto my other two favorite dinos. I only heard of these just a couple of years ago - from the same man, in fact. I never really thought about how Transylvania looked like in the time when dinosaurs roamed Earth, but since I started Uni I learned a couple of interesting stuff about this topic.

Apparently, around 70 million years ago there lived a mini dinosaur species which is now called Balaur Bondoc. It looked something like this:

This little fella is said to have been quite a good kickboxer, instead of a sprinter like other dinosaurs oh its kind. You can read more of him on this blog.

And have you ever heard about the Magyarosaurus Dacus, Magyarosaurus Hungaricus, or Magyarosaurus Transylvanicus? (Yes, the names did amuse me a bit)

They kinda remind me of a Brontosaurus...

And how about the Limnosaurus Transylvanicus?

Oh, dear god, now I wish I followed my dream of becoming a paleontologist (but then again, I suck at geology). And those were the times when I thought that archeology and paleontology were the same thing... how naive I was. (But really, imagine a cross between Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park. It would be either the worst thing the world has seen, or something truly epic)

Anyways, I found you guys a site about dinosaurs in general. It has some interesting pictures and information about them - although, I guess it is not really complete.

And on a side note - will someone finally open up a science and history museum in this damn city? Or, even better - who will sponsor me with a looong trip to the Smithsonian? Pretty please? Someone?

Oh, hell, you all closed the window, didn't you?