...thought that I should share with you guys are another few thing I generally find annoying.

I wasn't in the mood of searching up some interesting stuff today - I'm writing this at work in the free minutes I got, just so I would be free in the evening after I get home.

Now, I bet there are people out there who will feel the same about the things I will list today, even if it isn't ALL the time.

I mean, we all have our good days and bad days. And on our bad days, even as much as someone you don't really like showing up at your door would raise your shackles, am I right?

Well, here are the things that do just that on my worst days.

1. People who promise that they would do something and then back out of it at JUST the last minute.
I know that some of these people have genuine problems that need to be addressed and just "enjoying" my company while this happens isn't really an option. But all those people who go out of their way to think up excuses just because they are too lazy to do something that was planned for quite a while are really really annoying. Especially when you also had other things to do at the same time but you put it off so you could indulge this person.

2. Baby talk.
Oh my god, how it annoys me, when a person starts talking with me doing a real bad impression of a child. Look, I understand that you can't help but talk like that around babies and your cute little pets, but please don't do that in front of me. I don't find it cute, and it just makes me feel as if you think I'm retarded and can't understand what your talking about.

3. People who can't read.
And by this I don't actually mean those who don't know their alphabet, but the ones who can't read fast enough, or silently enough. I remember as a kid when the teachers always picked that half-witted kid to read out loud who took half an hour to read three sentences. I swear you not, until they finished I already forgot what the text was about. And then there are those people who just can't keep their mouth shut when silently reading... which is not only annoying, but also really distracting.

4. People reading over my shoulder.
I find that in every situation like this my mind kinda blanks out, and I stop doing whatever I'm doing at the time. It's awkward, and I usually just want to tell people to fuck off, either if it's in a notebook I'm writing in or just playing on the computer. I know that there is nothing wrong with what I'm doing at the moment, but it is really uncomfortable having someone snoop in and just STARE. (I bet you hated this in school even more, especially when you were writing a test, and the teacher just stood RIGHT THERE and judged you)

5. How people manage to make you feel awkward when asking your stuff back from them.
I don't usually have trouble with lending out stuff to friends and family members. But enough is usually enough when after two years they fail to bring it back, even when you asked for it countless of times already. And the thing is, it all makes you feel like an insistent dicktard for not giving up asking every time you see them.

6. Never having a good picture of yourself.
You know those cool places you visit and you just HAVE to take picture of everything, but when you give your camera to someone to snap on of you too, they almost always come out like crap. I know that I'm not photogenic, and that I tend to always do something embarrassing just at THAT moment the picture is snapped, but having it out of focus and off-centered on top of it all is really annoying.

7. Intelligent people acting like idiots.
I don't know what the world came to, but I noticed that people tend to dumb themselves down nowadays. I think this kinda goes hand in hand with the baby talk nonsense where they try to be more approachable or cute, but really, it's just plain annoying. I noticed this mostly in girls. Somehow they came to think that being plain dumb is equal to cute and appealing. Well it's not. I tend to find people who do this douchebags and arrogant assholes.

And that's about it for today guys. What do you think, do these things make you annoyed too? Do you have any other pet peeves?