...hate, is that whenever I happen to turn the TV on, there is nothing interesting on.

Believe me, this happened a lot these last few days, since I didn't have anything better to do when I woke up in the morning, but to randomly search it for a good program so I don't feel too bored while cooking.

I usually ended up at VH1 and just listened at random music, because to my amazement not even Discovery Channel had anything good on it. Or any other channel that has documentaries generally.

Well, I guess I can't blame them.

The normal people are probably out working at this time, so all of us can just go fuck ourselves.

But I didn't want to talk to you guys about that at the moment.

As I was saying, I usually ended up at VH1, and listened to -mostly- crappy music. Apparently, not even VH1 is what used to be. And I managed to keep in mind one line out of a song, that bugged me ever since I first turned the TV on this channel.

"Do you suffer from long term memory loss" was supposed to be it.

I had to google the thing, cause it seemed too good a chance to miss out on a song that has a decent amount of sarcasm in it.

Here, watch it:

Sooo, I thought that for today sarcasm will be the topic. I managed to get together a a list of decent songs that are either sarcastic or have a great deal of cynicism in them.

I don't really know why this song didn't end up somewhere high on the top charts... oh fuck, I do. Lots of you guys don't want a reduction in the price of beer. Shame on you!

I had those years when I listened to Green Day every minute of every day. There are quite a few big hits that are good to these days (hint *American Idiot* hint), and Time of Your Life is one of them.
I remember when we finished our bachelor level and I wanted to choose this song as our theme song. For some reason people didn't give it any credit. Oh, how I love people who don't detect sarcasm. I can insult them without them even realizing. Fucktards.

I don't remember much of the times when my parents used to watch M.A.S.H late in the night -or, what back then supposed to feel like late in the night, but was probably only about 22:00 or so. The only thing I actually remember of the series is a bunch of army guys talking to each other and the adults laughing their ass off at something I didn't really understand. I guess kids ARE immune to sarcasm. Hmmm... maybe I should watch it from start to the end now?

Barenaked Ladies rule - as I posted so many times about them before. I swear, if I put all their songs together I will probably get my twin out of it. I don't know how they do it, but they always manage to cheer me up by making me realize I'm not the most fucked up person out there. There are, thankfully, quite a few of us out there, so you should probably be careful. Very careful.

And on this note I'm going off now to watch the 5 new mini-clips about Doctor Who and the life of the Pond's.

Feel free to check them all out starting with the first video, of course:

Oh. My. God. When will these start up again?