...think, is that I have an overactive imagination.

Either that, either I'm hallucinating.
Has any of you ever watched Ratatouille? (If not, go and check it out!) And do you guys remember those old posts about our little budgie, Csövi?

Well, if the answer is yes on both of those accounts, you probably can already venture a guess of what's coming.

Csövi is currently residing in the kitchen - we don't really have any other choice in where to keep his cage, since we don't have such a huge house or a balcony. But, in case you were just about ready to accuse us of torturing the poor little bird, he is far away from the stove, so no noxious fumes can reach him.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Back in the first weeks we got him we used to joke about how intelligent he is and how many things will we teach him.

And since then I had to cook quite a few times.

I have the annoying habit of preparing the food, and while I wait for the water to boil or the soup to heat up I venture back to my room and play around the computer. Of course, if I manage to find something interesting I tend to forget everything about what's cooking, so lots of times I end up with burned stuff.

Well, since the budgie is here I think I didn't burn anything.

I swear to you, he somehow knows when something is ready - and chirps really loudly. I usually hear this and go to investigate, curious about what made him so excited.

And till now, every single time he did this the food was perfectly cooked.

Now, I'm sure there must be some nice and easy explanation to this (the first and foremost is that I'm probably going insane), but I do like to think that this little budgie is good for something after all.

Anyways, I shouldn't be boring you guys with these stupid things.

I should be boring you with other stupid things you probably don't know and don't need to know but you will know it anyways. Cause why would you be reading this post if you're not bored out of your bloody mind?

So let us first start with the history of carrots! (No, really)

All right, so I won't copy-paste the whole thing out - if you want to read everything about it, you can check the page out here- but I will tell you this, guys: carrots used to be purple (and yellow, and white, but that's not as interesting).

No, the pic is not photoshopped!

The orange carrots that are nowadays popular are actually mutations made from the yellow and white counterparts. Also, a bonus fact: Romans used to think that carrots were aphrodisiacs. I can't imagine why.

The next interesting fact is that Ketchup was once upon a time used as a medicine.

Dr. Miles' Compound Extract of Tomato is sold in the United States in the early nineteenth century. Ketchup has an ingredient called lycopene, which is an antioxidant that prevents cancer, however in those old days it was actually used as a remedy for indigestion, diarrhea, liver disease and cholera prevention.

The next thing that isn't currently used as it was intended when it was first invented is bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap was first invented in 1957 by two people who wanted to make an easy to apply wallpaper. Apparently, the new invention wasn't really what they wanted, but accidents do happen.

Thankfully, this accident was a pretty happy one, since -you know- bubble wrap is used till these days. The guys made a company and the first thing they sold was this material. The company now makes $4.7 billion every year.

Now, on to white paint, and milk!

I just read that for most of the television commercials instead of milk, they use a thinned out white paint. Why would this be, I have absolutely no idea, but I found it interesting enough.

And one last thing for today:
Don't you ever buy a perfume, because it smells good on someone.

Why? Well, each person has a unique body chemistry, so it will react in a totally different way with the perfumes you use. The smell of a perfume on you will depend on your hormones, diet, medications, and stress. It will also react with the fat, salt, sugar, proteins, and fibers that make up your skin.

Add to this the fact, that a perfume will smell differently even if the room you are in has a lower or higher level of humidity. Also, it will most assuredly smell in a different way if you apply it after a good swim in you pool, or after dancing in a smokey club.

So, I guess, the beset option for you to find your perfect perfume is to try and try, until you succeed.